Bypass Pipe Stops Sewage Discharge into Nantucket Harbor

The new bypass valve at the Sea Street Pump Station was activated but all sewer and water service remains unaffected. Carlson says it was a town-wide effort between departments and the community to stop the discharge and thanked the contractor, Robert

Discharge Pumps

The KZN-Series top discharge pumps are designed for sand, sludge, and slurry de-watering The KZN-Series top discharge pumps are designed for sand, sludge, and slurry de-watering. They feature wear-resistant, high chromium steel impellers, agitators and

TOP 10: 'Black water' saga forces change at Niagara Falls Water Board (No. 1)

Andrew Cuomo condemned the water allowed a pump to run longer than intended. Antiquated technology within the city’s wastewater treatment plant was also blamed. Cuomo later called that a “boogeyman” explanation saying the summer discharge

Sharjah gets mobile pumping stations to clear

He added that the new pump also contains four discharge points for disposal of water collected in the temporary collection ponds or directly discharged into the sea. Equipped with sound-proof and fire-resistant technology, it has special LED and cluster

Water issues plague frozen area

Waterworks District No. 2 in Iberia Parish shut off its water discharge pumps Thursday afternoon to replenish the storage tanks. The discharge pumps were restarted by 6 p.m. to allow customers limited use as water became available. The district planned

Notice from the City of Rowlett

An auxiliary pump was installed and the discharge alleviated. The affected area from the discharge was cleared of solids, disinfected, and flushed. Persons using private drinking water supply wells located within ½ mile of the spill site or within the

Residents in Coteau say they haven’t had water since Monday due to freezing temperatures

District #3 has turned the water on and off several times this week. Waterworks will shut off the discharge pumps again at 12am to 5am to allow the storage tanks to recover. Daigle says, “We are going to shut down as more of a maintenance to actually

Water supply to Dahej, Vilayat industries stopped

The supply was stopped due to high level of total dissolved solid in the underground water seawater which will not allow the pumps to operate, Dahej Industries Association president M A Hania said. He said more water discharge from Sardar Sarovar

Pump Sizing and Selection Made Easy

For this example, consider a discharge line that is 50 ft schedule 40 As stated previously, all pump curves are drawn for water with a viscosity of 1 cP. Therefore, we need to pay attention to viscosity corrections to pump performance.

Protecting power plant water equipment during downtime

The power plant water treatment equipment — inclusive of zero liquid discharge systems, open- and closed-loop effluent to clarifier influent to keep the system moving and the pumps active. The flow will be determined by system volume; typically