Rusk County, TX, Emergency Services District Puts Vacuum Tanker in Service

Rusk County, TX, Emergency Services District has put into service an E-ONE stainless steel Water Master tanker featuring a Hale AP50 500 gpm pump with 3,500-gallon water tank and a PM 100 vacuum pump for rapid tank fill and tank dump rates of three minutes

Dry Vacuum System Fits into Any Office

Air Techniques’ Mojave LT dry vacuum system is designed to replace conventional liquid ring pumps, operating completely without water and replacing the collection tank with a motor-driven air/water separator. It also has been engineered to deliver the

Protecting power plant water equipment during downtime

A vacuum should be present Clean out chemical tanks and pumps. Mixed-bed systems can be idle for a few days without running but should be ran in conjunction with the RO unit to keep water fresh for shorter terms. For seasonal shutdown, they should

Energy decline creates perfect storm for Magnus Industries as it embraces new manufacturing, markets

The Lo-K-Tor consists of a pressure pump, water tank and wand, trailer and vacuum pump and debris tank for a base price of about $36,000 each. The previous owner was selling about one unit per month. Magnus Industries has since expanded the number of

Hawaii Water Service Files General Rate Case for Waikoloa Service Areas

water mains, and a storage tank; relocation of wastewater mains; piping for a wastewater pump station; and the remainder of the new wastewater treatment plant (R-plant) construction. While customers have been served by the R-plant since 2012, Hawaii Water

Sump Pump Vacuum meets metalworking needs.

It can be equipped with a wide range of accessories that are resistant to oils and water-based to easily see the tank level without interrupting work, and a new float system for automatic shut-off. The VHO200 sump pump vacuum is a re-designed model

Time Machine: The Tokheim Co. Company provided vacuum pumps and air compressors to garages, and equipment for gas stations and dry cleaners

Using new patents and the few he had left, Tokheim built the company to provide vacuum The pump invented by Tokheim allowed no gasoline to be taken from a tank without a record being made. Tokheim’s Vac Extractor, which removed water and sediment

19 years later, DOE close to emptying radioactive waste from first tank farm

Tank C-105 was the first to use a new technology, a robust robotic arm called MARS, for Mobile Arm Retrieval System, equipped with a vacuum system amounts of water or other liquid to break up the waste and move it toward a central pump.

Couple’s contaminated tank water fears

To clean a tank, professionals drain the water and then use a pump to remove any trash, using a vacuum to suck up any remaining debris. According to one local company’s website, most tanks of a small to medium size cost about $400 to $650 to clean.

Hot Water Heating Has Pros, Cons

One drawback to the gravity system was that it took time for the water to expand sufficiently to circulate. In an effort to make the system more responsive, hydronic designers added a circulating pump open the vacuum-breaker plug (not all tanks have