Full circle for dairy sector as niche players milk consumer demands

The wheel has swung full circle since Pahiatua farmer Norman Daysh invented the first mechanised vacuum pump our systems take it to another level way beyond what they're used to," Houston said. The consumer hunger for organics, whole milk

If Apple made a breast pump, it would probably look like this

Alvarez, a biologist by trade and now a mother of three, decided to build a better, smarter breast pump. She enlisted her husband Jeff for help, and together they developed the Smart Pump by Naya Health is launching a breast pump system that

Chris Hardie: Decades later, cats are still a farm staple

But before the pipeline milking system was installed in 1986 which had a foot pedal to open and close the lid, and a vacuum pump moved the milk through the hose to the bulk tank. The vacuum pressure was a little weak, so the tank on the cart would

No Sex, Please, We’re on Medicare

The federal Department of Health and Human Services dispatched its Office of Inspector General to review Medicare payments for vacuum erection systems, less formally known as penis pumps. Its recent report revealed that Medicare was paying “grossly

Award for calf milk warmer

The Heatwave Milk warmer gives the calf (or lambs or goat kid) access to warm milk on multiple occasions during the day. “We were impressed by the very practical, simple and cost effective system which a and pump for cleaning, inlet fittings, and

In search of the small, smart and connected breast pump

Will we ever see a small, smart and connected breast pump with breast pumps: The goal of pumping is to get breast milk out of your body without the baby actually being there. The electric pumps on the market today work by vacuum, sucking the nipple

Of Goats and Chèvre

For example, one of my favorite raw-milk, washed-rind goat cheeses compromised digestive systems. This also gives it a creamier texture than even cow's milk. Try something new this spring. Instead of reaching for the vacuum-packed fresh chèvre

Good fences, my foot

So, as far as I can tell, there is now an infinite number of goats here. When it comes time that they all must be milked at the same milking, I will have to go from hand milking to a vacuum system. That will mean a more formal milking parlor and the

How high-tech breast pumps help new mothers reclaim their time

While breastfeeding is often toted as being cheaper than formula, breast milk is the quietest pump on the market. On the other hand, its users have reported an unexpected benefit: the sound of water is much more soothing than an air vacuum.