Knowledge of the Types of Pumps, Their Design and Application Is Increasingly Becoming More Important For the Engineer in the Petrochemical Industry

In oil production, these types types of pumps. As they become more and more widely used in the petrochemical industry, and other industries, knowledge of their design and application will become increasingly more important for the engineer.

GATE Syllabus 2016: Mechanical Engineering

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore will be conducting the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2016. The exam is slated to be held from January 30 to February 7, 2016. The candidates can check the syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

Fiberight: A deep-dive into the trash to find the cash

A second sort system will separate curbside-type recyclables from food waste and machinery and equipment; steel, mechanical and electrical installation; and engineering, permits and project management. Total estimated capital costs for which Fiberight

Autoclave Engineers Releases Air-Operated High Pressure Pump Models in 3D

Since we went live with our air-operated high pressure pump website we've continued to add additional air-to-pressure ratio options within each of the pump product groups. Today however, Autoclave Engineers 14 different file types that are suitable

Navigating the New Norm

The Human Factor In addition to developing and adopting new technologies and regulatory frameworks, the maritime industry also must take a hard look at what type of people will Civil and mechanical engineers and naval architects have to be blended

Why Black People Own Guns

Moore is a control systems engineer. He owns an American Derringer LeFlore also has a variety of gun types, including semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns, revolvers and several semi-automatic handguns.

Full transcript: Seismic founder and CEO Rich Mahoney answers robot questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

when I talk about powered clothing, to me it’s not just this technology that is our product, it’s a new type of company I look in my company, I’ve got electrical engineers, mechanical engineers. I’ve got data scientists. I’ve got software

What’s All This Usability Stuff, Anyhow?

Back in 1989, engineer Reginald Neale wrote Bob Pease a letter complimenting The buttons are those cheap, carbon printed-circuit-board (PCB) types and some don’t work anymore. I never did understand what the two right-most buttons were until I

Startup Watchlist: 12 Indian Agritech Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

An unmanned aerial vehicle startup incubated at IIT Kanpur with a team of designers, artists, developers, and engineers from IIT Kanpur in December 2012 to educate farmers about solar water pumps. The Multilateral Investment Firm-backed company

Nightmare Presents: A Head in a Box, or, Implications of Consciousness after Decapitation by Lori Selke

Hasty arrangements of polyvinyl and pumps. Nutrient solutions Perpetually mid-forties yet still apple-cheeked, The Actress is frozen in time. As long as the mechanical parts of her “box”—the tubes and valves that feed her nutrients and take