Sale of 5-kg LPG cylinders allowed at petrol pumps

Veerappa Moily on Monday allowed the sale of 5-kg cooking gas (LPG) cylinders at petrol pumps across the country. The scheme, launched on October 5, allowed petrol pumps owned and operated by oil companies the need is in small parcels or arises at

An unpalatable experience when an oil pump took me for a 'pumpy' ride

I had gone through many unpalatable experiences at oil pumps. Most of the time, the oil refuelled never goes at par with the amount of your hard earned money. Instead of waiting for the government, each one of us can carry out our parts, however small

1967 MGB/GT Special: Driving from California to Michigan

In the January issue of Automobile Magazine [Collectible Classic], I summarized the They have several modern electronic fuel pumps for sale–just the ticket–but we can’t get ahold of anyone who knows the MG’s flow rate. While we’re driving

LPG portability, 5-kg cylinders at petrol pumps from today

Cooking gas (LPG) will now be available at selective petrol pumps in metro cities from Saturday as the Oil Ministry has allowed sale of small 5-kg cylinders at retail outlets. Zee Media Bureau New Delhi: Cooking gas (LPG) will now be available at selective

Thousands of Outdated Gas Station Pumps Can't Sell Fuel Over $3.99

Many of the same pumps can count only up to $99.99 for the total sale, preventing owners of some SUVs according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Small stations are struggling to make a profit on gas, even as the price rises.

Cooking gas cylinders to be sold at petrol pumps

5-kg gas cylinders to be sold the sale of market priced LPG in small cylinders of 5-kg each. Priced at more than double the subsidised cooking gas, these cylinders will be available at petrol pumps owned and operated by state-run oil firms in Delhi

Essar Oil plans to open 400 petrol pumps in the UK in three years

Stanlow: Essar Oil UK Ltd plans to grow its network of petrol pumps sale volume growth of between 20-150%. The company’s fuel retail venture in the UK will be mainly a dealer-owned-dealer-operate model. But the company could have a small number

How not to be cheated at the petrol pump

This station has old weary looking pumps the oil PSUs. So next time you enter a petrol station, be alert so that you are not duped. Also don't forget to tip the salesman if you are happy. These guys are poorly paid and if we all leave some small

Petrol, diesel prices: Here’s how to check daily revisions from June 16

State oil companies will tweak fuel rates FAIPT also said 50 per cent of petrol pumps sells on average 30 kilolitre of fuel per month. "One tank lorry of 18 Kls lasts most of such small dealers 7 to 10 days. Any such decision shall wipe out his entire

Use of illegal credit card skimmers surging at Florida gas stations

More credit card skimmers than ever before are Thieves start with a universal gasoline pump key that unlocks the majority of the nation’s gas pumps. Then, they install the device, which can be as small as a matchbox, inside the pump’s cabinet.