VIDEO | See a 360 view inside the new Columbus Ikea

Built on 33 acres, the 354,000-square-foot store includes one of Ohio’s largest rooftop solar arrays with 3,546 solar panels as well as three electric-vehicle such as the packaging of its popular 100-pack of tea candles. The store offers something

This ski and surf combo could save your life

(CNN)-- Those souped-up water ski machines are ideal vacation-time fun but they've never been cheap. Thanks to British designer Ross Kemp, the world has been graced with a solar-powered watercraft that costs just a third of the price of your average

This simple gadget is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep your wine fresher for longer

While there are tons of accessories that promise to extend your bottle's lifespan, many of them cost a small fortune. If you're looking to open a bottle), it begins to spoil. With a manual pump and several bottle stoppers, Vacu Vin's system is

Here's What to Know If DACA Ends

Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, hundreds of thousands of “dreamers” who arrived in the United States as small children, many who have little recollection of their birth countries, were allowed, temporarily, to work in

Ratan Tata’s latest cuppa is Teabox

It has developed its own supply chain model where it controls the sourcing, distribution and marketing of tea. It protects the tea from moisture, light, heat and oxygen using technologies such as vacuum packaging it calculate the best logistical

Dumpster diver

For just over a year, I have sourced the majority of the food I eat from bins, and it's far more glamorous And having another with afternoon tea. I can pull off a killer cheese platter for guests and can always serve a lavish dessert.

What’s my greenest tea option?

Those unfortunately unrecyclable tea-bag wrappers clue us in that your favorite drink comes with some packaging issues Of course, we’re talking about some small impacts here when compared to other ways you could be reducing waste in your life

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

It’s about the time for last-minute Father’s Day gifts the print’s teeny-tiny! — packaging. For the perfectly manicured beard, your dad will appreciate this high-precision trimmer (see some of our other best-beard-trimmer picks, too.)

How Jeep Made The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Strong Enough To Survive 707 Horsepower

Jeep understands Uncle Ben’s wisdom, because unlike that small block Chevy-swapped Wrangler you thought below), heat gets transferred to the coolant in the tubes. An electric pump then sends that hot coolant to the low temperature radiator at the

City of Johannesburg mulls electric bus pilot project

The City of Johannesburg hopes to conclude a near-term feasibility study on the use of battery electric and fuel-cell buses by the Bhiman also advises that it is best to choose well established, well supported and widely commercialised technologies.