Turnkey vacuum solutions from Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique

Vacuum as well as food packaging (including canning and bottling), refrigeration and paper handling. “We are extremely excited about the future of Vacuum Technique,” says Sofiane Kerfali, Regional Business Line Manager for Vacuum pumps and systems

Foodsaver Sealing System Offers a Compact Way With Meal Leftovers

No one wants to throw away food refrigeration will still need to be refrigerated, but the quality will hold up longer than that of foods stored in ordinary packaging.) When vacuum sealed, freezer burn is eliminated on foods stored in the freezer. Waste

Types of Plastic Food Bags

This type of plastic is commonly used for food bags and utility bags. Because low density polyethylene is breathable, products stored without refrigeration food waste and spoilage is important to any foodservice operation, and vacuum packaging is

Commentary: Rep. Pingree joins vital effort to combat food waste, climate damage

In my role as chief sustainability officer for United Technologies, I’ve witnessed firsthand the inefficiency and waste in the global food system. We believe that our refrigeration water pumps in the field, the power for processing and packaging

Vacuum Packed

And, it would have its own pump Vacuum Insulation Panels, or VIPs have been bouncing in and out of labs for years. In fact several manufacturers, including Dow, make panels for various applications including insulation for refrigeration units and

What to Call It When Chefs Boil in Bags? Cuisine

Last week, through a lunch of food cooked in the Because of the vacuum packaging, the system keeps foods fresher longer, and that means they can be stored for as long as three weeks under refrigeration. But Mr. Bouley wants to make it clear that

Technology transforming SA food production

“We have done a lot with our packaging and been quite innovative with our new retail Nutraceuticals from surplus fruit and vegetables by SA-based Fight Food Waste & Fraud Cooperative Research Centre with Swisse Wellness and others.

'Gassing' fakes meat freshness

Supermarket giant Progressive Enterprises has acknowledged it pumps carbon dioxide and oxygen but the majority of meat sold in Progressive stores was either vacuum-packed or sold in standard cling-film packaging. The country's other major supermarket

Sam Champion's Just One Thing

In this installment of "Just One Thing," Sam took aim at recycling printer cartridges from recycled material and are recyclable. Preparing and storing food creates a lot of waste, and not just from the leftover food that gets tossed in the waste