BoXZY CEO on Hybrid 3D Printing: "The Power of Innovation Lies in the Human Network"

If this was inkjet printing, BoXZY is full-color and regular 3D printing is black-and-white. With hybrids, you ‘print’ in more materials than just plastic machines would break down and the locals would have no way to fix those machines. Water pumps

SMALL BUT POWERFUL! The Miniature Diaphragm Pumps THOMAS by Gardner Denver has to Offer Impress with Optimum Performance

Sheboygan, WI, USA: November 2017 A comprehensive choice of diaphragm liquid and gas pumps in miniature form for Sterilizers, Anesthesia Monitoring, Dialysis, Gas Detection, Inkjet Printing and including piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, linear pumps

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Better gaming keyboards, wrist phones, and more

Instead, it can be powered by pumping, similar to how you might pump on a wave in the water It’s the type of 3D printing you’ve probably seen before: a printer feeds a strand of plastic filament through a hot nozzle, then carefully deposits

3D Printing With Metal: Engineers Create DIY Welding 3D Printer For Under $1,500

Currently, the commercial 3D printing landscape is dominated by contraptions that create everything from toys to watchbands out of plastic the welding machine works. This isn’t the first venture to meld metal and 3D printing. Another 3D printer

Trash to treasure: Bicycle brings 3D printing to Taiwan streets

"We wanted to do something to bring both recycling and 3D printing closer to average people," said Kamm Kai-yu, a co-founder of the Taipei-based company Fabraft. Festooned with pumps, wires, tubes and display panels, the Mobile Fab cuts the plastic into

The Biggest Threat to 3-D Printing Technology

If we can write code to operate a machine he’s tested 4-D printing on a fairly large scale, printing a 50-foot strand material and then placing it in a pool. The angles and orientation of the black, rigid plastic changed over time as it was submerged.

18 bright ideas for 2018, from flying taxis to companion robots

And a Boston-based start-up, Sea Machines Robotics, is working on a container ship to relay moisture levels and allow farmers to remotely control their irrigation pumps from their smartphones. Even the farmer’s trusty water bucket has gone high

Conroe Plastics sold to longtime customer

Gardner Denver Inc. has acquired longtime supplier Conroe Plastics Molding Inc. of Conroe, Texas, a manufacturer of engineered seals, gaskets, and specialty plastic components for pumps and rotating equipment pipe wipers, piston rubbers, plunger

What’s All This Usability Stuff, Anyhow?

Just as bad, the panel has minuscule printing. Pro-tip to exercise equipment designers It drives me nuts. The plastic plunger is cheap and flimsy. There is no pressure-release valve. The sprayer valve is horrific. It takes about a second to turn