Pump is powered by 4-pole AC motor.

New oil-free 1/2-hp compressor/vacuum pump taps clean, reliable scroll technology for pulse-free vacuum or air pressure The 1/2-hp compressor/vacuum pump is powered by a dependable 4-pole AC motor. Overall size with motor is 5.7"W x 6.1"H x 13.3

Mercedes Brings Back The Inline Six With 408 HP And Marvelous New Technology

The engine is part of a new family of engines from the Stuttgart-based automaker The ISG is part of a 48 volt system, which drives an electric water pump, an electric AC compressor, and an electric auxiliary compressor that Mercedes calls an eZV.

VSD blowers provide driving force in fuel-saving technology for ocean-going vessels

At the heart of the system is the need for reliable air compressor technology. “The system relies on a constant manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and vacuum pumps. In the UK the company offers a nationwide sales, service and

Newly patented wastewater recycling system turns toilet water into purified drinking water (photos, graphic)

"Bill Prior approached us with this new technology, and it was perfect timing," Cochran creating such machines as an aircraft oxygen compressor, a hand pump for inflatable mattresses and a flying sailboat that used winglike foils to lift itself almost

Why Mercedes’ new inline six matters, even if no one is sure when we’ll see it

We can tell you it’s packed with new technology AC compressor before? Photo by J.P. Vettraino The same applies to the M256’s electric AC compressor, which can run full bore when the engine is off or when it’s idling. And to the electric water

Shepherd University professors receive grants to purchase equipment

Ghahremani said the vacuum-arc technology also could be used for the next generation of CPU cooling devices, heat pumps and air-conditioning units particularly the new environmental-geomatics concentration. “As a department, we are very excited

Electric Mini Cooper Should Hit 150-mile Range and Top 95 MPH: 2008 LA Auto Show Preview

So good that we've already slid behind the wheel of a Hybrid Technologies electric Mini Conversion BMW did add an electric air-conditioner compressor and an electric vacuum pump for the brake assist. Mini says that the air-cooled battery coupled

Pit Stop: Run Modern Heads on an Old 11:1 LT-1 Short-Block

The good news is you have a stick shift, but you didn’t mention the rear gear ratio, or if you’re running air conditioning. Most Vettes have power brakes and there are those vacuum-operated tipped mechanical fuel pump pushrod (such as Howard

Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global Inverter Technology Air Conditioner Market Through 2020: Technavio

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio’s latest report on the global inverter technology air conditioner market provides The product is equipped with the world's first new 8-pole motor in its digital inverter compressor. The availability of a wider

Frequency Converter Market, Share, Analysis, Trend, challenges, Opportunities and Forecast to 2023

As per the study conducted by Market Frequency converters are devices that converts AC of one frequency to another frequency energy savings of up to 70% are possible with fan, pump, and compressor drives. The increase in usage of these converters