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A dry cork can shrink and let air inside the bottle, prematurely aging the wine. There are a couple of problems in your scenario. First, those vacuum pumps come with unique rubber stoppers, which don’t always have a good seal, so turning the bottle

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But take a closer look, and you’ll find a special vacuum pump lid that sets it apart either. You can also use this bottle for protein shakes, carbonated beverages and even red wine. Imagine heading out for a long hike — or long day — knowing

Salud!: Dealing with the dregs: How to use leftover wine

A quick note on how long to keep wine: In my experience, a wine that has not been re-corked, aerated or sealed with a vacuum pump is going to start showing My first choice for using leftover wine during the winter is risotto. Sauté some onions and

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Just don't use the microwave to bring the wine back to life; defrost it for a couple of hours at room temperature. A "vacuum pump" doesn't remove enough oxygen from a half-filled bottle of wine to work. It can't, or the bottle would implode.

The Best Ways to Keep Opened Wine Fresh

It's remarkable how much of a cottage industry there is around wine preservers that will either pump the air out of a bottle of wine, leaving a vacuum in its place or inject It's tricky to use (you essentially spray the gas into the bottle and then

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In an exclusive offer for CNN readers, flower delivery service Teleflora is offering 20% off any bouquet sitewide using of wine so the wine stays fresh for up to a week. This product set, which comes with one black wine saver vacuum pump and two

Wine of the Week: What to do with what’s left in the bottle

Air is both wine is to use a device to extract air from the bottle. Most products consist of a pliable rubber stopper that is inserted into the top of the bottle. A handheld pump is then used to suck the air out of the bottle and produce a vacuum

Dear Silicon Valley: A sous-vide is not a crockpot

But disabuse yourself of the notion that you’ll be using this every night to feed your large family of toddler children. This is for the big kids and the people who can chug wine if the fat for a long time in a vacuum-sealed bag, the meat keeps

Far From the Tree

Its flavor has been dissected like that of a fine wine, marketed as Vermont’s countryside in of the tree as pressure from the sap builds inside. Sugar-makers often use vacuum pumps to help draw sap from the tree. Wolcott emptied the sap from the

Hurricane Recipes: What to Eat and How to Cook without Power

Pack up Greek dressing in a plastic bottle, and/or spices to improve flavorings, or add the beans to tuna, which can be bought in flat, vacuum-sealed can help you pump up the flavor.If your power is out and you need to use up forzen items, try mixing