Valley Industries announces acquisition

Valley Industries has acquired Comet USA, a Minnesota-based company located in Burnsville that distributes a wide range of industrial high-pressure plunger pumps and accessories Valley Industries purchased A1 Mist Sprayers, a company based in

The future farmers

The nutrient cloud is created by using ultrafine mist nozzles and a high-pressure pump carefully timed to turn on at predetermined intervals. “There are many advantages to aeroponic growing,” says Caesar Rana, the director of Aeroroots, “In addition

I-TEAM: Charges possible in Jacksonville high-rise fire

A properly working pump will force the sprinklers to spray with high pressure to put out a fire. Without a working pump, however, the water sprays out only as a mist on higher floors, and that mist can be evaporated by the fire itself. The I-TEAM also

Misting Pump suits portable and stationary applications.

The prime misting/fogging season is a bit away, but planning and building equipment for the season is just getting underway. The 1CX is one pump your equipment cannot live without. The new 1CX high pressure, misting pump is an ultra compact, space saver

KME Delivers Dozens of Rigs to US Air Force

The dual pump system operates at 320 gpm @ 1,350 psi in UHP mode and 250 gpm @ 150 psi in the stationary low pressure pumping mode. Ultra-high pressure pumping capability for quicker fire suppression. • UHP mist can also act as a cooling agent

Month on, firemen forced to work sans safety gear

14 water mist on motorbikes, 10 high pressure pumps, 10 portable pumps, three aerial ladder platforms, two turn ladder tables, 15 jeeps, five light towers, 16 generators, 16 motorcycles, 16 mini-fire tenders, 16 hydraulic spreaders, 16 hydraulic cutters

MistAmerica Introduces MiniCool On Kickstarter

The fan and pump are smaller and quieter than their commercial products but still achieves the high pressure needed for drip-free prnewswire/news-releases/mistamerica-introduces-minicool-on-kickstarter-300419519.html

Ford 2.0L EcoBoost engine to debut in Malaysia in Ford S-MAX MPV and Ford Mondeo Titanium

A compressor increases or boosts the pressure of the air entering the engine, and an air-to-air intercooler reduces the air temperature before it enters the engine. Meanwhile, direct injection uses high-pressure fuel injectors to spray a fine mist of fuel

Top 3 Emerging Trends Impacting the Fire Sprinkler Systems Market in APAC Through 2020: Technavio

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio’s latest report on the fire sprinkler systems market in APAC provides an analysis On successfully identifying the location, it sprays high-pressure mist onto flames. The Automist Smartscan fire sprinkler system

Rotary Seals Market Set for 6.26% CAGR to 2021

Advanced high-quality mechanical seals are gaining importance as they have a precision range, and are reliable and durable for centrifugal, high pressure, dosing, injection, boiler, and effluent pumps with light oil mist. Rotary seals also find