Nonprofits share their wish lists for holidays

Needs: Twin XL Fleece blankets; New water-resistant gloves and mittens (especially ten 8-inch folding tables, two new Heavy Duty trucks for camp. About the organization: The Allied Arts Fund has served as a united funding agency for the arts in

2015 Fire & Rescue Product Innovations Unveiled

Pierce introduced a 107-foot heavy-duty steel aerial on a single axle apparatus. It has a 750-pound tip load dry and a 500-pound tip load flowing water from ResQtech features a 2.1 kW, 3-stage, radial piston Honda pump. The unit's total hydraulic

Extrusion equipment makers adapting to market demands

The ZRD 400 heavy-duty premium Gearbox and melt-pump remanufacturing capability. Extrusion Control & Supply Inc. (Booth W2401): Will introduce its latest formulation of extruder coolant, EPF 2501. The fluid is designed for closed-loop water-cooled

Helping the helpers: A guide to giving back to local nonprofits

Backpacks, TI 83 calculators, graphing calculators, flash drives, 2″ three-ring binders, compasses 3383 Sweet Hollow Rd., Big Island, VA 24526. New vacuum cleaner, Dust Buster, heavy duty blinds for a double patio type door, new carpeting for

Forget Mars. Here’s Where We Should Build Our First Off-World Colonies

The U.S. has two operational rovers on the planet Meanwhile Mars One is in the process of selecting candidates for the first-ever Martian colony, and NASA’s heavy launch vehicle is being developed specifically to launch human missions into deep

How Jeep Made The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Strong Enough To Survive 707 Horsepower

That ring gear bolts to a carrier with four spider gears instead of just the two found in the lesser SRT’s diff the power then goes through a new 35-spline, vacuum-melted low alloy steel shaft, and then to an eight-ball constant-velocity joint

Bonfire of the EU laws: From crooked cucumbers to powerful vacuum cleaners, the barmy Brussels regulations we can now get rid of

An example often cited as 'legislative heavy-handedness' was selling products such as bananas, vacuum cleaners and hairdryers. The European Commission triggered an outcry by banning powerful vacuum cleaners two years ago. From September 1, 2014

The ‘real deal’ on Black Friday deals

Americans are obsessed with deals. Why else do we camp outside our favorite stores after a big holiday feast or force ourselves awake at ungodly hours to browse the virtual shopping aisles? Truth is, many of us find pleasure in buying merchandise at the

Get a Crash Course in Writing from 20 Journalists

Metafilter user not_the_water gathered the advice from articles, online courses, podcasts, live talks, and a drinking game. Some highlights: Certain themes run throughout: Narratives need character and tension. Collect story ideas everywhere and keep a file.

For Hurricane Sandy flood victims, a guide to fixing your house, from Hurricane Katrina survivors at The Times-Picayune

Vacuum floors In a garden pump sprayer, mix 3/4-gallon bleach and 1/4-gallon TSP (trisodium phosphate, a common ingredient used in pressure-washing, available in paint and hardware stores) with 1-1/2 gallons water. Spray infested surface so that