Finally! The Ostrich Penis Provides the Answer to a Long-Standing Question

Charged with aiding in cleaning out the body’s waste and shuttling around various immune components, it circulates in a system of vessels similar to blood vessels (albeit more slowly, since the system’s not hooked up to a central pump) and contains a

Why micro wind turbines don't work

That is barely enough for two energy saving light bulbs. Nowhere near enough to live up According to MacKay, it takes 40 kWh to drive the average car 50km. Add in offshore turbines covering a third of the available shallow water locations (44,000

How Jeep Made The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Strong Enough To Survive 707 Horsepower

Once that limited slip rear differential (which is capable of handling almost 2,000 lb-ft of torque) turns the driveshaft’s rotation 90 degrees, the power then goes through a new 35-spline, vacuum-melted An electric pump then sends that hot coolant

The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Are the Stupid Too Stupid to Realize They’re Stupid?

It’s not just your imagination. This is a genuine cognitive bias called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The Dunning-Kruger experiments behind the research focused on cognitive tasks (logic, grammar, and evaluating humor), but similar disparities exist in

Hurricane Harvey Has Knocked Out 25 Percent of Gulf Gas Production

Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 storm that barreled into southeastern Texas on Friday evening, has shut down approximately a quarter of US gas production in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Reuters, storm-related shutdowns have knocked approximately

Howard Stern makes controversial remarks about 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe

While recapping the Academy Awards on his Sirius satellite radio show Monday, Howard Stern said some controversial words about best actress nominee Gabourey Sidibe. Stern, focused on the part of Sunday's show when the camera cut to the five actresses up

Man Jailed for Watching Cartoons Have Sex

A New Zealand court has sentenced a man to three months in prison for downloading cartoon porn. Ronald Clark has previous convictions for sexually abusing a minor, but the Japanese hentai he watched didn’t involve drawings of people. Clark's lawyer Roger

GEA MIone – the future of automatic milking comes to Africa

Orono Trading has just become the first dairy farm in Africa to install the state-of-the-art GEA MIone automatic milking system. This system can be configured with two to five boxes, and is ideal for medium to large herds. Orono Trading has installed two

'Live From New York'

The other guy was the funny one, you know, which is typical in our industry understanding the machine - the PR and all this stuff that was going to happen and that they were going to make happen. I think Lorne was trying to pump up the arrogance

Senator Chris Murphy: "Neil and I are supporters of the real Second Amendment, not the imaginary Second Amendment"

"But Neil and I are supporters of the real Second Amendment, not the imaginary Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has always allowed the people, through their elected leaders, to decide what weapons are reserved for the military and what weapons can be