Too lazy to pump up your tires? You might need a Fumpa

An Australian start-up hopes that tire inflation will soon become another chore humans delegate to robots. Fumpa has developed a pair of nearly pocket-sized electric tire inflators with the ability to pump your the lack of an air chamber to hold

The Tool That Inflates Your Tires to the Perfect PSI Every Time

every home has a need for an air pump. But while a simple bicycle pump works great for smaller tires and sporting equipment, it isn't strong enough inflate car tires. The new Kobalt 120V electric air-inflator is a handy companion that meets all of your

The spare tire goes missing

DETROIT -- The spare tire has been squeezed out of many new vehicles, thanks to run-flat tires, inflator kits, efforts to reduce vehicle weight and a lack of storage space -- especially in hybrids and electric There’s an air pump, but big whoop

Self Inflating Tire Could End Under-Inflation

The Self Inflating Tire is simpler than it sounds, consisting of just two components: a peristaltic pump and a valve forcing air into the tire. Once it's inflated to the proper pressure the valve — which can be electric or mechanical — shuts

HOT ROD’s Favorite Products From The 2017 SEMA Show! #TENSEMA17

This DIY coating can be cured by air or oven Digital Coolant Pump & Fan Controller This Davies Craig kit has a controller that uses pulse-width modulation to vary the speed of your electric water pump based completely on the engine’s temperature.

Goodyear’s Concept Tires Shift Shapes and Generate Electricity

Three tubes located just below the tread allow fine adjustments in the pressure along the inner and outer shoulders and the center of the tire. An internal pump transfers air between the main chamber and the three tubes to vary the tire’s contact patch

2001 Corvette Z06 With 1,000 Wheel Horsepower

Butel took it from there, bolting on a set of aluminum Air Flow Research 230cc heads that really let Finally, a Holley Dominator electric fuel pump feeds the LS fuel through Bosch 127cc injectors. Now for the boost. A Vortech YSi centrifugal

Dr. Frazier’s Flat Tire Repair Secrets

A flat tire hand pumps that work both ways, whether you are pulling or pushing the handle. They are slow but will get enough air in a tube to get me down the road, albeit slowly, at 10-20 psi. Next up on my air injection list is a small electric

Automakers leave nothing to spare

These consist of a can of sealant that is injected through the valve stem, plugging the puncture, and an electric pump tire blowout. In addition to improved tires, tire pressure monitoring systems now come standard on vehicles, warning drivers of low

John Deere DB60 planter featured in BigIron auction

72 For Starter), JD Air Bags For Down Pressure, 15" Double Disc Openers, Spade Hitch, Safety Chain, (4) 600/40-22.5 Main Frame/Transport Tires, (4) 31x15.5x16 Wing Tires, 20' Travel Width, 13' Outside Tire-Outside Tire When Folded. A 2015 Challenger MT685E