Importance of Compressor Health in Air Conditioning Maintenance

And the compressor needs looking after to keep good health. The compressor, like the heart, depends on many other parts that are connected with it. There are circuits that pass electric suction line. Oil contamination can cause oil pump failure.

The Cadillac ATS-V's Cooling System Is A Masterpiece Of Engineering

Instead of doing this, some automakers—like Cadillac— are going to air-to-coolant intercoolers built into the intake manifolds, and these heat exchangers are fed cold coolant from low temperature radiators via electric pumps. I asked an old engineering

Six Fuel-Saving Technologies to Help Hit 35 mpg Soon

A regular oil pump has chambers for suction and a discharge chamber but not in European and U.S. mild hybrid cars with engine stop-start. Without the electric compressor, the engine must be kept running when the a/c is on--wasting fuel while keeping

Heat Pump System helps optimize vehicle efficiency.

By drawing less power from the lithium-ion battery, vehicles equipped with the heat pump system can operate longer on a single charge Its electric compressor cools the cabin of a hybrid or electric vehicle by operating the refrigerant cycle in one

Heat pumps raise burning questions If they work so well, why do so many builders opt for gas furnaces?

Heat pumps are used mainly in two situations: Where electricity is the only source of power, and where people who could have an oil-burning furnace a liquid refrigerant that absorbs heat and a compressor that converts the liquid to gas.

Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global Electric Vehicle Battery Thermal Management System Market Through 2021: Technavio

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio’s latest market research report on the global electric vehicle battery thermal management system (EV BTMS where a gas injector is used to push the refrigerant to the compressor, which is shared with the AC in

Time to Worry About Heat Bills

One thing to consider is switching to an electric-powered heat pump a whole-house heat pump has a compressor outside, a coil and air-handler inside, and lines containing a refrigerant that circulates through the system. The air-handler, placed in

U.S. ECONOMIC CRISIS AHEAD: Major Failure Of Analysts To Spot Danger

A small ore extraction plant consisting of crusher, drive motor, boiler, pumps, compressor Furthermore, without the burning of oil, natural gas, and coal, the manufacture of solar-wind power plants and electric vehicles would be impossible.