Perfluoropolyether—a Vacuum Pump Fluid resistant to Electron Induced Polymerization

Ion Beam Systems, Central Research Laboratory, Edwards High Vacuum International molecular weight (~6,500 a.m.u.) perfluoropolyether fluid has lubricating properties suitable for use in rotary pumps. The work indicated that a similar fluid of greater

Vacuum Pumps suit heat treating applications.

MHV Survivor™ vacuum pumps use a proven oil-sealed rotary Edwards® Welch®, Ulvac®, or others. See the video tour at: methivac or call MHV at: 877-787-9880 for more information and pricing on your next vacuum project. About Metallurgical

Piston Slap: The Truth about “Throwaway” Motors

A recent post on the CX-9 users forum (at mazdas247) caught my eye. An stalwart owner tore down his 3.5 (Ford) engine to clean up a sludging problem and broke a rod bolt in the process. He then discovered much to his dismay that replacement rod

2015 Fire & Rescue Product Innovations Unveiled

The third aerial built and sold by HME Ahrens Fox was on display in the Lucas Oil Stadium before it headed to the Milford, N.H., Fire Department. Bauer introduced an all-in-one high pressure Honda pump. The unit's total hydraulic fluid capacity is

2010 Jaguar XKR: 510 HP Pussycat Kills Even Faster

Fuel is delivered via twin, high-pressure fuel pumps the 22kW oil-to-water heat exchanger, packaged at the core of the engine, transfers heat from the coolant to the lubricating oil during warm up, bringing the oil up to operating temperature 14

Alt-Right Activists Call for Google Boycott After Employee Is Fired for Anti-Diversity Paper

Google fired a software engineer yesterday in response to public outrage over the man’s 10-page screed against women being represented proportionally in tech companies. But the firing has become a call-to-arms for alt-right voices on the internet who are

Company Overview: Pulse Directional Technologies Inc. - MWD/LWD

With the option of High Temperature Pulser up to 175C (350F Roll Test Stands. Pulser Text box. Fluid simulator. Pulse simulator. Break out box. Oil fill station. Pressure test sleeves. We also offer the following services: 24/7 Technical support

Hack an "Easy" Button for Quick Slack Alerts

Working with headphones on usually means you’d rather not be bothered, but sometimes it means you’re just listening to something while you work. If you want to be available despite your cans being on, why not build your own alert button? Enter