The greatest restaurant innovations in 2015

Restaurant personalized matchbooks on-site for customers. Kozlak tells Restaurant Business that the cost is justified, as customers keep coming back to the cafe for special occasions, in part because of the memorable matches. Ketchup and mustard

QR Code On Ketchup Bottles Points To Porn Because Of Expired Domain

The ketchup company also offered him a free bottle of ketchup with his own custom label design. The pornography company also left a comment, offering him a free one-year subscription to their site. Heinz forced to apologise after QR code on ketchup bottle

New Ecommerce Sports Nutrition Packaging Helps Boost Sales By 300%

The number four in 4 Gauge also represents an all-natural, 4-in-1, pre-workout formula designed to enhance raw strength, strong focus, long-lasting energy and intense muscle pumps proper fit of a custom closure with a stock bottle.

Healthy Living in Digital Times at CES 2018

One tech-baked product example that can leverage high-tech retail is L’Oreal’s Perfect, which enables people shopping for cosmetics to experience products in a personalized way market smart feeding breast pumps and bottles, and connect nurseries

REPLACING PHOTO Consumers Get Chance to `Have Their Say' on Heinz Ketchup Bottles; Heinz Launches Myheinz to Offer `Create-Your-Own' Talking Labels That Speak For

CONSUMERS GET CHANCE TO `HAVE THEIR SAY' ON HEINZ KETCHUP BOTTLES; HEINZ LAUNCHES MYHEINZ.COM TO OFFER `CREATE or celebratory message on the iconic ketchup bottles for the ultimate unique party favor or personalized gift. "With the success of our

CES 2018: CES Unveiled Gives a Duck

It works this magic with a device you slot over the top of the bottle; a needle plunges through the cork, allows you to pour the wine, and simultaneously pumps argon into the you a lifetime subscription. Moodo Custom Aromatics-- Once you get your

Heinz ketchup bottle QR code sends German man to hardcore porn site

It is just plain embarrassing." Heinz was quick to apologise, saying it would take Korell's suggestion on board for future campaigns, and offering him a free bottle of ketchup with a custom-designed label. Fundorado also turned up in the Facebook comment

Materials and Coatings that Go One Step Beyond in Medical Design

“Customers either come to us for commercially available FluroTec products or to combine FluroTec film with custom designs for their new product is a “Sandwich” that Started with a Ketchup Bottle LiquiGlide was invented at MIT and is a patented

For wedding favors, personalize, localize, do it yourself

Happily, as with so much modern wedding planning, favors have gotten a whole lot more personalized, creative and like Clark bars or mini bottles of Heinz ketchup (both from Pittsburgh), or small bottles of locally distilled Wigle whiskey.

Could a better ketchup bottle save the oil industry billions of dollars?

A team of scientists trying to speed up the transition of ketchup from bottle to fries believes it can help cut waste in the oil and gas industry. An uber-slippery coating named LiquiGlide, it could be applied inside of pipelines and other equipment to