A Detailed Guide on the Many Different Types of Crude Oil

The term “viscosity” relates to the oil's resistance to flow. Higher viscosity crude oil is much more difficult to pump from the ground If an oil spill were to occur, each type of oil presents quite unique “clean up” challenges, procedures

Daily fuel prices to vary from pump to pump

All 6,300 petrol pumps of UP have been asked to display the daily price change on their notice board at 12midnight. There are two types of pumps in a city a consumer benefit from decreasing crude oil prices on the same day. An oil company official

With oil prices going down, down, down, why aren’t gas prices falling even more?

If a barrel of oil today costs less than half what it did last summer, why hasn’t the price people pay at the pump decreased a similar amount? It’s tough to say exactly how much the price of crude oil has market for this type of oil has existed

Open US crude oil exports to Mexico

now is the time for the U.S. to allow crude oil exports to Mexico. We have the type of crude Mexico wants to import, and if they don’t import it from the U.S. they will import it from elsewhere. Certainly the United States would benefit from the flow

Tanking crude prices hit Mississippi oil economy hard

Sitting below $27 a barrel and falling, the price of U.S. crude oil is hitting a record low. At the gas pump, the low price per barrel means savings for the consumer. However, the trickle-down effect is hitting Mississippi businesses in the oil industry hard.

Alberta heavy oil price up almost 80% since March

The price of heavy oil from Canada's oilsands has quietly rebounded by 77 per cent in the past six weeks, far better than the comeback in other types of crude. Most of the oil put it in an interview with CBC News. TD Bank agrees with that assessment

NNPC cuts oil prices to woo buyers

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has cut the price of every type of crude oil it sells in an effort to regain share referencing the types of crude Nigeria mostly pumps, adding, “In order to capture a higher share of the market, official

Why oil prices could sink to $15 a barrel

Oil prices have already taken a dramatic fall that's saved consumers big time at the pump. Last week but some grades of crude are already nearing those levels. For example, Western Canadian crude, a heavier type of crude that is more difficult to