Edwards Launches New Air Cooled Dry Pump Range Ideal for Scientific Instruments

BURGESS HILL, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Edwards is launching the new air cooled nXLi dry vacuum pump range, ideal for applications pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications.

Vacuum Pumps can handle cups from 3/8 to 10 in. diameter.

Anver VR Series Mini Vacuum Pumps run on 80 psi compressed air to create a 24" Hg vacuum at the cup with only 0.42 to 1.27 SCFM air flow, depending upon model. Eliminating the need for master vacuum pumps and extensive plumbing, they transform a vacuum cup

Protecting power plant water equipment during downtime

The power plant water treatment equipment — inclusive of zero liquid discharge systems, open- and closed-loop cooling systems, and evaporative air coolers — must Clean out chemical tanks and pumps. Mixed-bed systems can be idle for a few days

Evil Scientist Academy: Bring on the chemical chaos

Called the Chemical Chaos Lab, the science curriculum has children “He was always doing fun stuff,” Shurtleff said, such as inflating marshmallows in a vacuum pump and extracting the air from the container making the marshmallow expand to three

Staying Cool: How to Replace Your Old Central Air Conditioner

Cool, dry air is distributed; warm, humid air returns to be cooled and dried. %" align="left" style="padding:2px;border-right:1px solid #ccc;">Houses heated with boilers lack ducts to distribute cooled air. They can be centrally cooled with mini-duct

These tiny satellites, equipped with ion thrusters, could change how we explore space

The U.S. Air Force, whose Joint Space What CubeSats need to stay in space are mini boosters, and scientists like Lozano are racing to build them. Moving with static Lozano’s early work focused on big chemical rockets — the kind that you see

Catalytic Converter: Service and Replacement

A catalyst is something that causes a chemical reaction without being part of the reaction To do its job efficiently, the converter needs a steady supply of oxygen from the air pump. A bad pump, faulty diverter valve or control valve could be at

Fiberight: A deep-dive into the trash to find the cash

Low CAPEX – Fiberight utilizes an efficient “mini-mill” plant facility The first-stage wash removes soluble organic material and pumps the high chemical oxygen demand wastewater to a pre-acidification tank prior to entering the high-rate

Experts advise drivers prepare vehicles for winter months

“If the antifreeze is not right, it can crack the radiator or damage the water pump to vacuum the inside of the car while they’re at it. Owners of older cars should consider having their heater core flushed, especially if the air flow does