U.S. gas prices stable, even with winter-weather strains

9 (UPI) --Severe winter weather put a strain on the U.S. energy grid, but low consumer demand for gasoline left the price at the pump stable That's when gas stations drop prices to gain business, but as retail prices approach wholesale prices, stations

Gas supply from Austrian gas hub back to normal after deadly blast

Gas prices across Europe fell. They had soared on Tuesday as the explosion at the Baumgarten site triggered supply worries. The hub in eastern Austria is a major regional transfer node On Wednesday, the Italian wholesale day-ahead price was, with

China is on oil and gas shopping spree

Since then, Chinese firms have largely shied away from wholesale purchases more on the shale gas boom in North America, opening the door for Chinese firms in countries like Iraq, Mozambique and Egypt. Related story: Let China pump Iraq's oil In Iraq

N.J. gas prices take wild tumble, hit low price benchmark

How did we get there? After some scares from uncertainty in China earlier last week and some price upticks, wholesale gas prices declined last week, setting the stage to take pump prices with them this week. Crude oil prices finished the week out at $32 a

Some Types of Make-Work Jobs Won't Survive

Trump Serves Pakistan Notice, Enter China? IOB’s Decision To Set-Off that Oregon is relaxing its law against self-service gas stations. In many rural counties in the state, you can now pump gas yourself. Some Oregonians don’t share my feelings.

Russia-China gas deal could ignite a shift in global trading

Russia, source of a third of all natural gas used in Western Europe, will soon have a major alternative market for its vast exports. And that can only put upward pressure on both wholesale Russia pumps an extra 300,000 barrels to China daily for

Natural gas vehicles show ‘phenomenal growth’ in China

Researchers: Natural gas vehicles will see rapid rise globally through 2023 The additions in China have come amid soaring interest in the fuel, even though wholesale natural gas are in the United States, leaving pump prices around $3 for the equivalent

Fuel prices increase, but it’s not yet TRAIN

Higher oil prices also resulted from stronger demand for crude imports in China and the US higher excise taxes on fuel take effect on Jan. 1, it will still take weeks for the impact of the higher taxes to be reflected in pump prices under the current

Price of a full tank of petrol soars by £12 in just two years: Drivers warned era of cheaper fuel could be over after cost of oil surges

It's hard to see pump China. But Opec, the oil producing cartel of nations, has agreed to curb production to push up the price of oil. Chancellor Philip Hammond eased the pressure on drivers in November's Budget by abandoning reported plans to raise

This Is China's Response To The US Navy's Struggling Coastal Warship Program

The fact that China's been building up its military oily water separator and transfer pump; reverse osmosis system; watertight doors, degaussing system, gas-turbine intake plenum space; and blow-in doors. The ship also appears to be minus one of