Govt, citizens remain incurable optimists as new year ushers old, new challenges

pump prices may still continue to go up based on international oil market’s forecast. Francis Satunino Juan, one of the members of the transition committee at the Philippine Electricity Market Corp. (PEMC), said prices at the Wholesale Electricity Spot

China’s Fuel Fiasco Leaves Citizens In The Cold – Analysis

But the wholesale replacement of entire urban heating systems that had no heat on Dec. 15 had now been supplied either with gas, coal or electric heaters, China Daily reported. The impact on gas supplies has already driven coal prices to new highs.

Oil rises nearly 2 percent on China demand, but weekly losses loom | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices rose almost 2 percent on Friday, helped by rising Chinese crude demand and threats of a strike in Africa’s largest oil exporter. FILE PHOTO - A pump jack or 1.2 percent. China’s crude oil imports rose to 9.01 million

Business briefs: New Year rally on Wall St. goes on

In the SoftBank deal, due to close this month, the Japanese technology conglomerate will pump about $9 billion into Uber led the transformation of all Ralph Lauren brands across all stores, wholesale and digital. His resume also includes stints

Why Hybrids Are Better Than Electric Cars For Most Consumers

The California Independent System Operator (CASIO), which previously had a minimum to participate in the region’s wholesale further towards electric will reduce imports and wealth transfers farther than the ideal market price of oil, to the

Rising Costs in China Seep Into U.S. Market

Likewise, manufacturers say wholesale prices of cowboy hats made in China have gone from $1.65 to $2, cotton duvet covers from $3.30 to $4, portable electric ranges from costs are already showing up in import prices. After falling for years, the

Tesla in talks with Indian government for relief on import restrictions: Elon Musk

While he was upset with the US President, Musk was more than pleased with the Indian government's plans on electric vehicles and China's efforts to an objective to reduce fuel imports and running cost of vehicles. But oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan

Use Chinese surge protector, burn house down

But WND has led the way in reporting on contaminated or defective consumer products coming out of China. During a one-month period, 17 of 28 products recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission were Chinese imports. They included: Hammock stands

The Chinese Century

Trade deals struck between the U.S. and China in April will, farmers around Pekin hope, lead China to lower its import barriers and buy half a million and growing Chinese demand has lately been pushing up oil prices worldwide. That makes ethanol

Global electric vehicle revolution by 2020

In terms of market share, no country can compare with Norway, where one in three vehicles (33.1%) registered is plug-in electric. India and China, the emerging economic powers, which are primarily driven by coal and oil in petrol pumps and service