HOT ROD’s Favorite Products From The 2017 SEMA Show! #TENSEMA17

ProCharger promises 300 additional pump-gas horsepower 2.0mm ring set. Visit mahlemotorsports or call 888-255-1942 C&R Advanced Cooling Technology now offers radiators with or without internal oil cooler to fit 6.1L and 6.4L SRT8 models.

Professor Hanington's Speaking of Science: The science of fuel pumps

When I did last week I took a look at the pump and thought back to the ones we had when I first started driving. Back in New York you never were allowed to pump your own fuel. As you pulled into a gas station your car ran over a hose that rang a bell

Diesel Tech Questions

But if you want to keep your engine in its purely stock form, replace the split-shot injectors with a quality set of stock compressor wheel in the turbocharger and installing a wastegate controller, along with a good high-pressure oil pump.

Firehouse World Product Showcase

SaveSorb showcased their certified all-natural, organic absorbent for oil-based spills For more: kussmaul. Hannay Reels featured a polished booster hose reel with a 1,000 psi rating. For more: hannay. H.O. Bostrom showcased a 500

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Better gaming keyboards, wrist phones, and more

The company’s newest product is arguably one of the most advanced dashboard HUDs to date, and boasts a unique set of features that aim to solve that they keep a pretty low profile (compared to oil spills and people who drive Hummers), they’re

Tips for maintaining your pressure washer

This usually can be done with a hose and soft cloth. Just keep an eye out for possible issues as you work. • The most important part of this tool is the pump gas and oil are in, crank it up to coat all of the internal parts. • Most pressure

How to Care for Your Car's Differential

In a rear-wheel-drive car but if space is tight, you can get a pump or extension hose to make the job easier. The bottom of the plug hole is the maximum fill line, so when oil starts dripping out, you're finished. Install the plug, torque it to

Pump up your tires to keep them physically fit

And, you're probably thinking that you are all set front-wheel-drive cars, take more abuse than the rears as you accelerate, stop and steer. The RMA suggests rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. We like to rotate them during an oil change.

Pressure Washers offer variety of mobility options.

Belt-Drive pump provides powerful cleaning and maintains constant temperature using fuel oil to heat water. Optional features include a wheel kit and handle for easy portability and a hose reel for easy storage. As with all Hotsy pressure washers