Vacuum Blowers are equipped with hermetic drive.

The drive shaft is sealed by an integrated motor without connecting passage to atmosphere. Due to the almost doubling of the speed for smaller sizes, very short pumping cycles result compared with vacuum blowers Due to the standard water cooling

2017’s Top 10 Appliance Designs Are Still Ahead of Their Time!

A vacuum sealer feature is integrated directly on the door so you can quickly seal and store unused food. Just place the food item in the bag, place the edge into the slot and it will remove air before sealing it. This sewing machine has an e-ink display

Vacuum sealer systems aren't just for the kitchen anymore

I knew the trick about freezing fish in water to minimize lay the bag in front of the machine with the bag's open mouth in the unit's drip tray. Close and latch the lid and then press the "Vac/Seal" button. The vacuum pump will stop pumping

18 bright ideas for 2018, from flying taxis to companion robots

And a Boston-based start-up, Sea Machines Robotics levels and allow farmers to remotely control their irrigation pumps from their smartphones. Even the farmer’s trusty water bucket has gone high-tech: The WatchDog wireless rainfall collector measures

Can we actually stop using fossil fuels?

In addition to lithium-ion batteries, he calls for using pumped hydro (in which you use midday solar power to pump water uphill and then release Together, they built a vacuum-sealed container and placed a 5,000-pound steel disc on a spindle inside

Edwards launches new variant to its XDS dry scroll pump range, for more aggressive chemical applications

XDS35iC and XDS45iC dry scroll pumps, with peak speeds of 35 and 40 m 3 h-1 respectively, can handle up to 240 grammes per hour of water vapour and free and hermetically sealed so it provides a totally clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination.

How to Sous-Vide Without a Sous-Vide Machine

Put your food in the bag and then submerge the bag in water just to the zip. The pressure will expel all the air. Then zip the bag up as you pull the closed portion underwater. This gets results comparable with a home vacuum sealer, I think, with the added

Top 10 Best Sous Vide Machines for Home Cooks 2017

Sous vide machines tend to be larger and pricier than sous vide immersion circulators. However, this kitchen appliance typically reaches higher temperatures and offers a larger cooking capacity than the circulator, which pumps water around a pot to cook

Dear Silicon Valley: A sous-vide is not a crockpot

They’re experiment machines. If you like to play around in the By cooking the fatty duck liver at a low temperature for a long time in a vacuum-sealed bag, the meat keeps its volume—no water is lost and no fat is rendered. Sometimes this is an

Is your AC dripping water into your room? What is the problem?

The water puddle you find under or around the air conditioner may be due to a simple leakage in the tubes. If you find a tube leakage, replace the leaking tube with another one. 3. The condensate pump may not to clean up your machine.