Pit Stop: Run Modern Heads on an Old 11:1 LT-1 Short-Block

The one update: Duroshield antifriction (Thanks, GM, for the huge stock vacuum reservoir.) Today, a hydraulic roller cam is a no-brainer. High-performance flat tappets have a high failure rate (likely due to today’s low-ZDDP motor oils as well

GST and 2017: From manufacturing to telecom, how India Inc coped with 'One, Nation, One Tax' concept

Over 200 products, including sunscreen, pan masala, dishwasher, weighing machine, paint, cement, vacuum cleaner. Other items include automobiles, hair clippers and motorcycles are kept in this category. In August, India’s GDP slumped to a three-year low

Time to Fire Up Restaurant Sustainability – Here’s How

In addition, 86 percent of consumers are willing to switch brands to one associated with a good cause given similar price and quality motion sensors, HVAC upgrades and behavior change. Many states provide rebates for businesses that install energy

County schools talk HVAC, gas needs

The school board had given the green light to replacing the equipment, but now that has been put on hold because of a need to fix an HVAC system at Central Middle When Draughn, reached out to Hardin’s Pump and Compressor, the company said it didn

Why Are Modern Cars So Expensive?

a vacuum pump and a voltmeter. Then we discovered that R-12 is a major greenhouse gas; technicians were no longer allowed to simply vent R-12. So they needed an R-12 recovery machine, which costs several grand. At the same time, the price of R-12 skyrocketed.

Products in the News

Jun 14, 2013 - Lomma, Sweden, – Advanced Vacuum releases repackaged with updated, tier one components. Built and controlled with trusted PLC, DeviceNet software on a Windowsbased operating system, the Apex SLR achieves high uptime with low, simple

1988 BMW M3: The Jalopnik Classic Review

It is one of my favorite cars, but I had never driven one until a very generous Jalopnik reader offered me the chance No one ever said owning an older car is easy. (UPDATE: The crankcase vacuum tube came loose from the intake manifold.

SolarWindow: Year-End 2017 Update

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW), the leading developer of transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass windows on tall towers and skyscrapers, today issued its year-end 2017 update of extremely high and low temperatures to simulate