Scroll Air Compressor/Pump suits small medical equipment.

Quiet and inherently vibration-free, the scroll pump provides designers with a reliable compressed air or vacuum source for small medical equipment, such as portable nebulizers and suction devices, and can also be used to supply the roughing stage of

Special Report: Mercedes-Benz TecDay Engines

Highlights of the new testing rigs include a high-precision torque management system and a climatic altitude chamber that uses partial vacuum to simulate an altitude of up to 5,000 meters at temperatures as low pump and air conditioning compressor.

Don’t Go All Hybrid/Turbo/Electric/Fuel Cell Just Yet – Toyota V6 And V8 to Gain “Dynamic Force” Camry Engine Tech

Getting the 2.5 to make substantially more power, without turbocharging and without harming efficiency, involved focusing on good ol’ fashioned fundamentals: friction, air flow, and cooling. Fundamental ideals for engineers, they may be, but enhancing

2010's 100 Best Innovations of the Year, All in One Place

It's that time again, the time for year-end wrap-ups. At PopSci, we expand the scope of our 2010 list to include the defining innovations in a wide range of categories. When viewed together here, it's a fascinating portrait of the year that was.

V-6 Technology Takes Center Stage

Just spitballing here. In the meantime, horsepower-heavy and "low-torque" dual overhead cam competitors will need to respond in some way. And we can't wait to see what they do. Here's the most up-to-date direct comparison information of all the V-6 engines

Reaction Begins Building U.S. Hypersonic Engine Test Site

A high-temperature airflow test site designed to evaluate a key technology in the Reaction Engines’ hypersonic air-breathing combined cycle Sabre rocket engine is under assembly at Front Range Airport near Watkins, Colorado. Construction of the facility

High-throughput microfluidics to control and measure signaling dynamics in single yeast cells

Microfluidics coupled to quantitative time-lapse fluorescence microscopy is transforming our ability to control, measure and understand signaling dynamics in single living cells. Here we describe a pipeline that incorporates multiplexed microfluidic cell