Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Introduces Its TURBOLAB 80 Tabletop Turbomolecular Vacuum System

FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Drawing on 159 years of experience supplying vacuum equipment and generating data. TURBOLAB 80 will be showcased at ACHEMA 2009, being held May 11-15 in Frankfurt, Germany. The plug-and-play TURBOLAB 80 turbomolecular pump

New Johnson Controls HVAC Supply Center in Melbourne, Florida Provides Easy, Single Source Shopping for Contractors

recovery equipment and vacuum pumps to tape, filters and pipe and electrical fittings. The supply center will also give contractors the opportunity to tap into local training programs and the technical expertise of store employees. For contractors in the

Gardner Denver IPO gives Houston area employees stake in company

Gardner Denver, a global manufacturer of flow control and compression equipment, announced $100 million which traces its roots to 1883, sells compressor, pump, vacuum and blower products and services used in the energy, medical and other industries.

How Maple Syrup Is Produced in the 21st Century

For the uninitiated, a sugarbush is the term for a maple syrup harvesting operation, which includes the trees, collection apparatus, and processing equipment tubes that are all routed to a central vacuum-pump. And yes, the internerds among you may

Fall home and garden checklist: Do these now for a better winter (photos)

Vacuum all debris out of the pool, clean the water line and inside the skimmer, add algae protector, chemically clean the filter and run the pump for 24 to 48 hours Clean and organize baking supplies, pans and equipment. Clear kitchen counters of

Peru fights gold fever with fire and military force

“The gold extends 80 meters down, even deeper,” said Luis Otsuka, the president of the local mining federation, an aggressive man with the slightly crazed look of someone living in a prolonged state of gold fever roots, while their vacuum pumps

Potpourri: the $63,000 machine that transforms pot plants into concentrates.

In an industry still trying to shake its black market roots, not only is this transparency rare they get to work tightening Beast’s many oversize bolts. A vacuum pump is momentarily switched on to clear all moisture and residue from Beast.

Waco hydroponic startup finds statewide success in lettuce business

Urban Produce spent between $800,000 and $1 million to construct the facility at a former concrete truck washout, including big investments in utilities, as well as pumps, ultraviolet sterilizers, vacuum-powered comes with the roots attached, will

MSU, Ennis hatchery partner to construct effluent-treating wetland

From the vacuum pipe, the sludge-filled water traveled through pumps, valves and tanks that directed the flow underlain by drainage pipe and an impermeable liner, the roots of sedges and rushes host microbes that feast on the fish sludge and purify

Libya: A tale of two regions and a ship

Misurata's militia has filled the vacuum left by the effete Libyan military They tried but did not succeed as they did not have the necessary equipment to prevent the tanker from outpacing them. After 12 weeks of debates, the Muslim Brotherhood