Edifier Luna e25 HD Bluetooth speaker review: Great sound, sci-fi looks, surprisingly affordable

After two days of hands on without reading the press release, I figured they had to cost twice or perhaps three as excellent sonority. The frequency response is largely flat where you want it (okay, where I want it), with a mild accent at the low

These 12 wines are the best bargains of 2017: They're cheap without tasting like it.

In all, I put the tag on 27 wines that I also gave my highest rating of 3 stars. These ranged in price from $13 to $40. I gave 2 1/2 stars (excellent to I used no vacuum pump or inert gas to preserve it, just replaced the screw cap and kept it at

7 Ingredients of Small Business Success Online

However, smart startup founders grimly pass around business battles on the blogosphere, charging low prices for quality product serving them with beautiful, durable, quality products. They also work to provide excellent customer experiences that

If Porsche Still Built the 993

But even peak 90’s Porsche durability was built to a price Although one screw holding on a speaker cover wiggles itself loose during my 3 hours with the car, I am, frankly, shocked at the build quality, especially considering the relatively short

Best mini pumps for road cyclists

Not too long ago, roadies carried frame pumps s excellent screw-on chuck, the other Lezyne’s ‘Slip Fit’, for use if you’re in a hurry. Both work very well, each of them creating a solid connection. The only negative – apart from the price

Low-Volatility ETFs Can Offer Steady Gains

10.9%. It also has a lead on the SPY over the last three years as well. Having owned and observed these ETFs as core portfolio holdings, I can attest to their strengths. They work well to provide low-cost exposure to a subset of high quality stocks.

Tested: Ruger’s PC Carbine and Security-9 Pistol

Whereas the former Police Carbine was compatible only with magazines from the company’s sole line of extant center-fire pistols, the new PC Carbine accepts magazines from three a low-profile, white-outline rear notch unit that is secured by a screw.

The Benelli Nova: The third contender

But for this review, I’ll discuss a third option anybody looking for a new shotgun should seriously consider: the Benelli Nova the big dogs on the pump-action yard: the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. These two guns offer quality, value, reliability