Green On-The-Go: A Portable Solar-Powered Electrical Outlet

It’s a portable solar charger, roughly the size of a hockey puck, which uses a suction cup to attach to any available or carry it around as a portable electrical outlet. Obviously, the device would be most useful on a trip, in a plane, a bus, a

What You Need To Know About SofTouch: The Device That Performs An Abortion In Under Three Minutes

Considering that it is an abortion process that doesn't require sedation, an operating room, fasting the night before or an electric suction machine, why is this the first time we're hearing about it? The process was reportedly developed in 2011 by Dr

NIDEC : Patent Application Titled "Suction Nozzle and Electric Vacuum Cleaner Including the Same" Published Online (USPTO 20170325645)

A suction chamber that connects the suction opening portion and the outlet is defined in the housing. "If the operation switch of the electric vacuum cleaner having the above-described structure is operated to drive the electric blower, air including waste

One Machine for All Sanitation Procedures

When applying chemical foam the negative pressure generated through the Next Block creates suction which draws the chemical from The Main Station cabinet is mounted to the wall. The outlet hose for spraying is connected at the bottom of the Main

Congress Requires Compliance for Safer Swimming Pools.

The legislation provides guidelines for required suction outlet fittings and covers for swimming pools and spas. When not properly covered, these suction outlets can lead to injury or death by entrapment of hair, body, limbs, and attire such as jewelry or

Holiday Lights Greet The Season In Style

Keep outdoor electrical electrical outlets that can be used for holiday decorating, then later for gardening equipment and landscape lights. Hang exterior lights safely, using plastic light clips made for gutters and roof lines. Suction cups are

Fire Pump Priming Basics - Part 1

An electric vacuum priming pump is a positive displacement air pump. Activating the vacuum primer removes air from inside the suction and discharge Next time, in "Fire Pump Priming Basics - Part 2," we will review troubleshooting common priming system

Light up your home this Christmas

You want to plug any lights into a ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet. This outlet is designed to shut off the power when it detects a current flowing along an unintended path. This feature helps prevent electrical and ones that suction to windows.

The best breast pumps you can buy

Also, if you’re away from an outlet adjustable suction, collection cups can be used with several other popular pumps, closed system is more hygienic Why you'll love it: The Medela Swing offers a sweet compromise between efficient electric pumps

Siphons to tackle froth at outlets of Bellandur and Varthur

After tasting success with their ‘trial’ at Varthur Kodi in April, officials plan to replicate the system at four other outlets that are prone to froth Working on the principle of suction, the pipes allow water to flow out of the waste weir without