Nigeria: Reducing the Cost of Irrigation Farming

Irrigation farming pumps and diesel to pump the water." The other way to reduce the cost of irrigation is to reduce the cost of diesel itself. "In other countries where development is the goal of government, where government is thinking of agriculture

Growing Food Demand Strains Energy, Water Supplies

That's because farmers have invested in wells and pumps, using massive amounts of electricity to extract water from deep aquifers. The government has artificially propped up the agricultural featured a photo of a diesel irrigation pump that was

Sustainable agriculture: A new Anand cooperative model – this time, in solar farming

In this case, even as new members join, MGVCL would meter the SPICE at a single evacuation point and pay it for pooled power sales. It will be the cooperative’s work to meter each pump irrigation climate-smart. Using electricity and diesel in

Farmers learn how to adapt to El Niño

“It is really dry these days and irrigation water is really scarce, but this has long been the case at this time said he had been recalling some 100 diesel-engine water pumps that the Department of Agriculture (DA) lent his group in 2010.

Moving towards a water pricing regime

The first challenge will be to make a case for cent of the irrigation uses surface water which will require metering and appropriate pricing. Groundwater has to be priced through proxies—electricity or diesel—used by farmers to pump the water.

Irrigation scheme set to kill off sheep farming

CPW chairman Doug Catherwood said its annual $700/ha water charge was about the same as the gross income of a dryland sheep and beef property. "So it's a case of landuse bills to pump water from aquifers to the surface for irrigation.

Growing Almonds in the Desert

In California, state and federal water projects pump rivers Federal irrigation water to the area's farmers was cut off in 2014. According to a University of California study, at least 5 percent of cropland is fallow and state agriculture has suffered

As India's "granary" exhausts groundwater, farmers eye new crops

CHANDIGARH, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is hailed as India’s granary, but Punjab faces a drastic decline in agricultural as heavily subsidised diesel fuel for pumps. The PAU report said annual demand for irrigation in Punjab is 4.76