Growing Almonds in the Desert

In California, state and federal water projects pump Ranch used a lot of water, about three feet of water per acre, at a cost of about $115 an acre-foot (one acre-foot of water equals about 326,000 gallons), most of which reflects the price of

Donald Trump flunks 'pump priming' economics test with The Economist

Trump: "Have you heard that expression used before? Because I haven't heard The Merriam-Webster dictionary says the definition of pump priming is "government investment expenditures designed to induce a self-sustaining expansion of economic activity".

Solar-powered pump motor designed

Meanwhile, the solar-driven booster pump, the CRFlex, is a nonself-priming be used in thin, clean, nonaggressive, nonexplosive liquids that do not contain solid or long-fibred particles larger than sand grains. Meanwhile, the PoolFlex solar-powered

Diaphragm Pumps suit high-flow, high-pressure applications.

Also, Flojet's unique 5 chamber design allows these pumps to operate at exceptional flow rates and pressures. With operating pressures exceeding 60 psi and self-priming small motors, diaphragm pumps, searchlights, valves and value added systems, used

Maharashtra Budget 2016-17: 20 per cent goes to SC/ST schemes but enforcement may prove a challenge

At a time when the government is focussing on making farmers self-reliant address the problems of water scarcity, since a majority of the small and marginal farmers with landholding less than 2 hectares rely on rain-fed agriculture.

Cars That Look Good But Aren’t

These are a few of my favorite cars that look good but aren’t. 1991-1994 Ford Explorer The ’91-’94 Explorer is the single best-looking SUV ever made. I know this because I recently polled everyone in my immediate vicinity on the issue, and it went

Drying Out - Quiet into Saturday - Puerto Rico Faces Humanitarian Crisis

Meanwhile Maria buffets the Outer Banks of North Carolina with tropical storm force winds and coastal flooding today, a blunt reminder that hurricane season doesn't wind down until November, when ocean water cools and pump”: the mentality that

Health News - Los Angeles Times

When Steve Byrne’s friend dared him to give up alcohol for the month of January five years ago, Byrne accepted the challenge. He cleared his calendar of beer-filled social events and doubled down on his CrossFit workouts. He had expected a little

Moon walker, climate change denier

However, he’s a climate change denialist. And while everyone is entitled to their The first is that it’s wrong; Schmitt used cherry-picked data from both of those years that made it seem as if the coverage of ice had grown, but in fact when you