Our resident chef Mark Hix extends the brassica-love into the new year with this recipe for deep-fried January King tempura

Dove farm gluten free flour is a great for any deep fried foods and is as light as a classic japanese tempura Half a small January bottomed saucepan or electric deep fat fryer. Meanwhile, mix the flour with enough sparkling water to make a thin-ish

Could alternative farming save Gaza’s agriculture sector?

A young Palestinian graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture at Al-Azhar University in the Gaza Strip has built a hydroponic farm to grow lettuce without the need for soil, in a bid to overcome soil-related problems and high salinity levels in the water in Gaza.

Dress Up Your Small-Block With A Billet Front Drive System

Dress-up accessories for the small-block Chevy a stock power steering pump, a pair of standard V-belt drives, and no air conditioning. 2. The engine already had some good parts on it, including a new aluminum water pump and a chrome one-wire alternator

Toilet, yes. Water, no. For Dalits, loos still a privilege

The only over-head tank that has water is on the BC street. The hand pumps only a small fraction of toilets on SC Street have water supply. Some toilets in their backyards have become storage rooms for firewood. Others use it for keeping farm equipment.

'You are what your food eats.': Hooks entrepreneur: Respect is key to better farming practices

"I think when we lose respect for the animal and respect for that life, then we get the horror story of what farming is today, with factory farming," Sullivan, 20, said during a recent tour of the farm. It's a small by portable electric fences and

Africa: Pumps, Policies and Private Investment - Seeing Opportunity in Small-Scale Agriculture

The agricultural economist is confident that small-scale irrigation offers big opportunities. The report emphasizes driving changes in water management among small-scale farmers - how do you define a small-scale farm to electric power pumps, they

I Am Now A Flu Shot Truther And I Hate Myself For It

The method for producing the flu shot—using delicious, farm fresh chicken eggs—has been around since That’s it. Has that relatively small number of reversals that been worth nearly two decades of game stoppages, especially when a lot of those

Startup Watchlist: 12 Indian Agritech Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

But a drop in landholdings (average 1.4 hectares), small of farm equipment aggregator Gold Farm can be traced back to Surya Power Magic, which was founded by Abhilash Thirupathy in December 2012 to educate farmers about solar water pumps.

How now cow power?

The byproducts of the process, from the fibrous bits in the slurry which can be used for cow bedding, to the nutrient-rich “gray water” leftovers except for a small fraction used to power the farm. Still, there are signs that farm-based biogas

Another way to manage the cold

My interest in energy efficiency goes back to the 1980s when Linda and I built our home on the family farm only one small window on the north side. To reduce electric demand, and help cool the house in summer, I installed a heat-pump water heater.