SA Hippo - World’s Safest Submersible Pump For Underground Mining

In South Africa, the areas that have been mined out are referred to as “madala sites” and submersible pumps are mainly used to pump away the sludge and Submersible Slurry Pump System in underground operation in a typical coal mine Due to the

Application of VSEP at a Major Medium Density Fiber Board Manufacturing Facility

A multi-stage feed pump supplies the pressate to the VSEP unit at flows ranging from 90 to 100 gpm at a pressure of about 500 psig. A variable frequency electronic drive is used to set feed and a concentrated sludge in a single pass.

SA Hippo Founder Celebrates 38 Years Of Innovative Manufacturing.

While doing quotations at the coal mines it was discovered that Hudaco Industries had previously manufactured a slurry pump range Submersible Pump designed, developed and manufactured using a single stage design. This pump range is manufactured from

Mineral Processing Technologies: Showcased at the CIM Conference

The single-piece Bottomshell reduces installation time, saving the mine operator money. The IsaMill® by Xstrata Technology is used for grinding are designed for sludge andmine dewatering, effluent and wastewater treatment, slurry and limestone

Dawn of the Dead Watershed

Most rural areas pump groundwater from wells initiate cracks in the rock and is the single largest liquid component used in a fracturing fluid aside from water. Acetic acid is used in the pre-fracturing stage for cleaning the perforations and

Risky business: Big Oil's billion-dollar juggling act

And now consumers are paying the price again: As the summer driving season gets under way this weekend, Americans are paying a record nationwide average of $3.10 a gallon at the pump. The BP connection occurred because a single valve was left open

KZN Industrial & Business News

In addition to these superior characteristics, the material used pumps for the Paper, Mining, Sugar, Chemical, Food & Beverage and General process industries. 100% locally manufactured ~ 0861 VACUUM The Vectra XL single stage vacuum

Guide of Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Industries

Paper Making and Paper Products Industry (1) Production of chemical wood pulp with an annual production capacity of over 300 thousand tons by a single fuel pumps of diesel engine, inhalant supercharger of engines, adhesive axial organ(used for four

Sludge to solid: Double the green

The water is separated from the sludge and made clean enough to pump into the Mississippi River Jacobs said the dried biosolids can also be used as a fuel source, having the same efficiency as brown coal. Gardner said coal-to-liquid fueld producer

Researchers Plan to Build the World's First Implantable, Mechanical Kidney

First the patient’s blood goes through a filter made of silicon membranes; it is forced through the filter’s nano-pores by the patient’s blood pressure, with no external pump or power source required. Then the blood will flow through a bioreactor