Fuji Electric Expands Ring Compressor Portfolio in Americas

of single-stage ring compressors with a maximum pressure of 139 in. H 2 O, a maximum vacuum of 110 in. H 2 O and a maximum capacity of 570 SCFM. Featuring direct motors from 1 HP to 15 HP and available voltages of 115 single phase, 230 single phase

Efficient removal of leaked air from the condenser

The third vacuum system with Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps purely acts as a stand-by for holding as well as providing increased pumping speed during hogging phase when all three Two additional vacuum systems with single-stage Dolphin liquid ring

Blue Origin ramping up BE-4 engine testing

One of the flagship engines that will play a heavy role in the next phase of commercial launches at liftoff. The second stage will utilize a single BE-4 engine optimized for use in a vacuum while the third stage will use a vacuum-optimized BE-3U

Every NBA Team's Biggest Regret of the Offseason

He's not someone you sign that early, when the market is in its developmental stage. The Hornets likely could have waited Chris-Paul-was-part-of-the-problem truthers are free to pump themselves full of chill pills. The Clippers will be measurably

Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer

Just about everywhere I go — the supermarket, the dry cleaner, the gym, the gas pump, the movie theater that the disease progresses consistently, beginning with a single rogue cell, growing sequentially and at some invariable point making a lethal

2010 Jaguar XKR: 510 HP Pussycat Kills Even Faster

New LED rear light clusters incorporating fog lamps plus twin reversing lamps (rather than the previous single lamp units length has been reduced by 24mm by relocation of the oil pump within the engine architecture. This length reduction - apparently

Power Engineering, Renewable Energy World announce Projects of the Year!

B&V used integrated phase planning (IPP operates with a condenser vacuum of 96.3 kPa and features 50-inch steel blades that result in large annular area for high efficiency and large capacity. The large-capacity single-casing reheat turbines feature

Buildings focus: Should every dairy farm have a generator?

At this stage, other equipment such as scrapers and water pumps will have already cut in The most popular generators are the 27KVA (one KVA is 1,000 volt amps) and the 33KVA (single-phase). However, many of the larger farms are now converting to

Updated: Fire engulfs TFI Murray Bridge boning room

“As the extent of the damage becomes clearer, we’ll understand what the next stage will be,” Mr Thomas around the packaging of cuts, and high vacuum packaging rates through good proximity of the pumps to the vac machines. Three new large rotary