What Drives CORE's Quiet Gasless Motors

On the electric side in outdoor power equipment of printed circuit boards and magnets, were able to drive a mud pump up to 1000 hp and 1200 lb-ft of torque. In 2009, we decided to take a really big step and started Boulder Wind Power to take the

What’s All This Usability Stuff, Anyhow?

He agreed with Pease’s observation that modern test equipment has complicated menu structures The buttons are those cheap, carbon printed-circuit-board (PCB) types and some don’t work anymore. I never did understand what the two right-most buttons

Storm Aftermath: Continuing Coverage

Seastreak, a company that runs ferries to Atlantic Highlands, N.J., among other places, will operate the ferries, which will run from Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive and knew to stay away from the pumps. At a busy Hess station at 10th

Construction continues on OG&E's Mustang power plant modernization project

Going from steam, brass pipes and valves to jet engine technology and circuit boards, construction on Oklahoma Gas all the balance of plant equipment here, the pumps, the emergency generator. There will all kinds of monitors and big screens showing

Maria’s Bodies

Wind gusts peaked at 155 miles an hour A second man drowned on the far side of the river. A third died a mile or two away, apparently of a heart attack, in his bathtub. That morning, Carmen Chévere Ortiz, a 41-year-old pharmacy manager, looked

Coloradans mining gold from e-waste

A beaker of acid persuaded flecks of gold to flee from circuit board fingers into a smelly, greenish mix. His college-aged daughter stood by, ready to pump oxygen into the propane On the other side of the globe, this has another name: informal

Gulfstream Unveils G500 and G600

The dual 3,000-psi hydraulic system, filled with phosphate ester fluid, will be powered by high capacity, left and right engine-driven pumps, plus a left-side and dual-channel remote electronic units that replace single-channel units on board the

The latest on Katrina's aftermath

(Posted 7:22 p.m.) Military assets may soon be moved from hurricane-devastated region WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. military assets may soon be moving out of the hurricane-ravaged area of Louisiana and Mississippi as other needed equipment and teams begin to

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

It was the middle of the night when we landed on Santa Maria Island, a ten-mile-long rock with a gas pump. We were sitting on the runway The network had asked me to bring a box of audio equipment to the CNN crew in Monrovia, which had essentially