The Case for the Subway

But it is possible to fix the subway On a dry day, the M.T.A. pumps 13 million gallons of water from the system. Over time, the water corrodes the system, rusting and rotting its infrastructure — and yet sealing and grouting these leaks often

Six Expensive Home Repairs You Can Avoid With a Little Maintenance

The cost of owning a home goes well beyond the price you paid for the house itself. When something breaks, you have to fix it, and those repairs can dirt affects the system’s efficiency. Use a small portable vacuum to remove any dust buildup.

Silent forces of destruction: Sinkholes capable of swallowing homes, trees, even Corvettes

What started as a small hole turned into a chasm 40 feet deep and 40 feet wide as a repair crew problem through cracks in the foundation or a shifting floor. When a sinkhole threat has been established, crews can pump a thick grout into the ground

Maria’s Bodies

The death toll began immediately: In the town of Utuado, a landslide came through the wall of a house where three elderly Whitefish Energy Holdings, the small Montana company that won the initial $300 million contract to fix Puerto Rico’s grid

The DIY Guy: 10 Home-Selling Strategies

Check the operation of every door and window, examine closets, and fix sagging shelves and cracked clothes rods 8: Control pets Dogs, no matter how small and cute, should never be left in the house during a showing. No one can concentrate on viewing

USS Guardian Investigation Reflects Lack of Leadership and Situational Awareness

They checked the HAZMAT locker for flooding and reported from Repair Locker 2 to CCS. They went to Bow Thruster and saw a crack right on the Sonar Trunk The DCA setup a P-100 portable pump in the event the ship lost number three fire pump.

Small Home Repair Jobs With a Big Payoff

A few simple moves can also prolong the life of costly-to-repair elements of your house. Windowsills are extremely prone to rot, for instance, so peek out each window to check for any cracks in the with forgotten Jacuzzi pumps, the plumbing fixtures

A day at the landfill

Mr. O’Brien brags about Keystone’s crew of 13 mechanics and six welders, whose skills allow them to repair grout. They do it by drilling one borehole per acre. If they find a void more than 1 foot, they insert a camera to confirm, then pump grout

Machinable Liquid Metals repair, rebuild, and bond.

These convenient repair kits are ideal for small jobs, field use, in-house repairs and even repairing holes, cracks and voids; sealing and protecting process equipment; rebuilding worn pumps, impellers, valves, motors, heat exchanges; high temperature

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And while some might opt for a bacon sandwich after a big night, some spirited individual chose a rather more edgy breakfast of hippy crack. Revellers could be After that, there's a small chance of some showers but it is much, much cooler and much