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The pumps are suitable for use in industrial and urban water supplies, irrigation, long-distance water transfer, HVAC, circulation and pressure boosting for cold and hot water and more. The robust pump has a cast iron body 0,3 kW, 220V to 0,9 kW

Republican candidates, global warming, evolution, and reality

So, last night was another debate among the Republican candidates for President. While Ron Paul appears to have done quite well, at least according to an MSNBC poll, it was Rick Perry who is grabbing headlines. Of course, that’s because what he said was

Budget 2016: Full text of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's speech

The next financial year 2016-17 will cast an additional burden on account of the recommendations washer requiredforthemanufactureof centrifugal pump being reduced. More than 50% of such pumps are used in agriculture. Concessional 5% Basic Customs

White Supremacists Are Crowdsourcing a Lawsuit Against Charlottesville for Allegedly Violating Their Rights

Attorney Ken White, who blogs under the nom de guerre Popehat on issues including free speech laws, told Gizmodo it would not be “impossible” for Damigo to have a valid claim that police violated his First Amendment rights if it was determined