2017 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310

The sound and feel as the engine hits max boost pressure leaves no question as to why the Jet Ski Ultra 310 Series sets the standard for power and acceleration on the water The Direct Drive Axial Flow Pump houses a high-performance 160mm stainless

NLB 125 water jet units now convertible to 40,000 psi

The NLB 125 Series includes diesel and electric has 22 convertible water jet pump units capable of operating at 40,000 psi, the most in the industry. NLB Corp., nlbcorp, a global leader in high-pressure and ultra

How It Works: Water Well Pump

If your area doesn't have a high water While air pressure varies with elevation, it's common to limit the depth of a jet-pump-operated shallow well to about 25 ft. Jet pumps create suction in a rather novel way. The pump is powered by an electric

Products in the News

Jet Edge, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet its new Permalign® V-Series Mini Hopper and show its premiere 75,000 psi (5200 bar) X-Stream® pressure intensifier pumps and Closed Loop Water Filtration System.

Powerful odor is intermittent, difficult to pinpoint

Extreme care must be exercised in using pressure washers. The water jet is so powerful that it can peel skin off It must be strong enough to activate the pump; if it is inadequate, the pump can be irreparably damaged. I have a Briggs & Stratton gas

Pilot Report: Eclipse 550

Boost and transfer jet pumps, respectively powered by motive flow from the engine fuel pumps and boost pumps, supply the engines. Brushless, long-life, electric been corrupted by high altitude wave currents. Notably, the Eclipse 550 has one of the

18 bright ideas for 2018, from flying taxis to companion robots

Sensors embedded in fields relay moisture levels and allow farmers to remotely control their irrigation pumps from their smartphones. Even the farmer’s trusty water bucket has gone high-tech to create everything from jet airliner components to

This ski and surf combo could save your life

(CNN water and started looking at rescue equipment. I saw an opportunity to design something from scratch," says Kemp. "A lot of rescue aids are simply re-purposed leisure equipment, for example a paddle board is just a surf board, and a Jet Ski

Let the good times flow in the bathroom

A pump can generally only be fitted to a gravity-fed, low-pressure system and your plumber can balance out a high and low pressure supply, between the cold and hot water, with a dedicated valve. Electric showers powerful single jet will pummel tired