Power Prime Pumps

Power Prime Pumps are used in mining, construction, industrial, municipal and environmental applications throughout the United States. Whatever the need, waste water or fresh water the pump with a John Deere diesel engine on a trailer complete with

Diesel Tech Questions

Diesel dyno shops won’t get freaked out by the smoke, and they should know how to properly load your truck. In the end, if you don’t like the results, you can always improve your truck’s power oil pump. Those little mods leave your engine

A History of Landmark Pumps and Waterworks: ASME Milestones

Few pieces of machinery are as widespread and critical as pumps. They help move and lift liquids, chiefly water engine. The Cornish version used higher steam pressures and a steam valve that could exploit steam expansion to get more power out of

HOT ROD’s Favorite Products From The 2017 SEMA Show! #TENSEMA17

SmartWire & IQ3S Dash Combo SmartWire is a solid-state power Coolant Pump & Fan Controller This Davies Craig kit has a controller that uses pulse-width modulation to vary the speed of your electric water pump based completely on the engine’s temperature.

Here's Why The Cummins 12-Valve Is One Of The Greatest Truck Engines Of All Time

GM and Ford couldn’t compete with their relatively gutless diesel offerings; the Cummins blew them out of the water engine to turn up your big engine.” There’s even more Cummins 12-valve owners can do to add power besides fiddling with the P-Pump.

10 Helpful Tips for Oregonians Afraid of Pumping Gas

I’d repair tires and change water pumps You won’t have more power, you won’t get better mileage, and it won’t clean your engine. This is good news for you, as high-octane fuel costs more. So set your sights on that 87 pump and prepare for

8 Great Traits of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL and a Fatal Flaw

There's also an optional new power This engine uses a mild-hybrid setup to improve fuel economy. EPA ratings for this engine weren't available when this article was written. Finally, this Jeep has something in the works for diesel aficionados, with

How to Clean Your Diesel and Keep it Running Clean

The boats cruisers use to follow their dreams, whether sail or power, usually rely on diesel fuel process from the refinery to the fuel pump. This dirt is abrasive and causes excessive wear and tear on engine parts. Typical Fuel Polisher Installation.

The Top Automotive Engineering Failures: Oldsmobile Diesels

Dry gas chemically bonds with water and puts it back into the gasoline solution, which allows it to pass through the engine without issue. But in the Olds diesel, the dry gas also ate the fuel pump seals and other delicate components. There were certainly

First Look: Ford's All-New 6.7-Liter V-8 Power Stroke Diesel Engine

Ford is rewriting the rules of the company and industry with the introduction of its all-new advanced 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine for with its own radiator and water pump. The primary cooling loop cools the engine and operates at about