Despite official U.S. ban, Apple gear for sale and popular in Iran

But does Siri speak Farsi? In spite of an official U.S. policy preventing the export of the company’s popular electronics to Iran, as many as 100 stores in the Middle Eastern country are selling Apple gear -- and doing a booming business. According to a

Louisa man admits taking homes’ gear

A Louisa County man faces up to 61 years in prison in a case in which he was arrested when an alert neighbor spotted strangers at a home that was for sale. Dallas Kellison the washer/dryer units and heat pumps from the home, McGuire said.

New Motorcycles and Gear You Need to Know for 2018

Popular Mechanics toured the convention and we found some exciting BMW brought its new electric scooter, called the BMW C Evolution. The C will be available for sale in California next year and will go 99 miles on a charge with a top speed of 80

Corruption Still Plagues Ukraine as West Pumps in Aid

(A few minutes after Belonog spoke to TIME, he deleted the MREs from his sales page.) Asked about the label forbidding their resale, Belonog says, “What can I tell you? These things are easy to get, and they’re for sale The gear he sells on his

Aircraft carrier HMS Invincible is put up for sale

The Ministry of Defence is understood to be hoping to raise £2 million after they put the 17,000 ton vessel up for sale on edisposals But over the years her engines, pumps and gear boxes were cannibalised for use in other ships.

Carrier, Bryant heat pumps recalled for fire hazard

About 23,300 Carrier and Bryant heat pumps are under a recall notice due to risk of be the launching point for a… Black Friday 2017: The Instant Pot is on sale The wildly popular Instant Pot is on sale on Amazon right now, thanks to Black Friday!

The best breast pumps you can buy

Many Amazon reviewers complain that everything except for the pump is cheap and flimsy. Frequent complaints include bottles that don’t secure well to the flanges and tubes that don’t stay connected to the pump. It’s also worth noting that Baby Gear

CES 2018 Best Fitness Gadgets

But based on the schedule, we expected today to be a big one for fitness gear: headphones, wearables and even actual stationary bikes proved so popular that they're now breaking into treadmills, a much bigger chunk of the home fitness market.

January boots on sale: How to get Adidas Nemeziz & Nike Hypervenom cheap in the UK

Nike and Puma are all offering various discounts on selected gear. Adidas released an all-new edition of the famous Predator boots at the end of 2017, so those boots are not currently available on a deal, but a variety of other popular designs are.

Hyundai NEXO fuel-cell SUV revealed with 370 mile range

Hyundai is claiming the NEXO can be refueled within five minutes – assuming, of course, you can find a hydrogen pump – and there’s more cabin The Hyundai NEXO will go on sale in select markets from early this year.