Five Spills, Six Months in Operation: Dakota Access Track Record Highlights Unavoidable Reality — Pipelines Leak

On November 14, “excessive vibration” caused 21 gallons of crude to leak out of a crack in a weld connection at one of the pump stations insiders know well: Pipelines leak. To regulators like Bill Suess, who deals with a crude oil spill nearly

Expert testifies BP should have halted cement job, as Gulf oil spill trial continues

"Based on the culmination of all of the risks, again, I'll repeat, I don't see how you could pump this job in was improperly placed in the well. Investigators with the national Oil Spill Commission, the seven-member panel appointed by President Barack

BP aims to plug gulf oil well for good with two-pronged 'kill' shot

The next shot at killing BP's well in the Gulf of Mexico could begin as early as Monday night, as engineers plan to pump heavy mud into the capped but still dangerous well and "bullhead" the rogue oil back down into its source rock 2 1/2 miles below the

BP: 48 Hours Before We Know if Pumping Mud, Rubber Into Oil Well Is Successful

CEO Tony Hayward said in an interview Friday morning that the "junk shot" method — which pumps rubber and other man-made material into the gushing well — has been added to the "top kill," which has been slowing the flow of oil by pumping mud into the

U.S. gasoline prices at four-year high for early January

By AAA's account, this is the most expensive start for retail gasoline prices since 2014, when the price at the pump was above $3 per gallon are up 16.4 percent from late 2015. Texas oil trade group sees investment pickup in 2018 51 minutes ago

Oil Hits $68, Boosts Nigeria’s Revenue, But Petrol Imports Hurt Finances

Panel to guiding oil marketing, as lax enforcement in the country had led to the smuggling of petroleum products to neighbouring countries where the pump prices are higher. “We have not been able to police our borders well, but the reality is

HOT ROD’s Favorite Products From The 2017 SEMA Show! #TENSEMA17

ProCharger promises 300 additional pump-gas horsepower for the 2018 Mustang GT 888-255-1942 C&R Advanced Cooling Technology now offers radiators with or without internal oil cooler to fit 6.1L and 6.4L SRT8 models. Part number 25-10790 uses an all

BP pumps mud into well as Senate shelves drilling bill

Reporting from Washington and Los Angeles — BP moved ahead with a pumping operation to plug its infamous Gulf of Mexico well, while Senate leaders Tuesday shelved offshore drilling legislation that would lift the liability cap on oil spills. Heavy mud

Workers pump mud into leaking natural gas well in Gulf

Workers are pumping mud into a well in the Gulf expects the leak to be plugged. Gulf oil heartbreaker for bellwether fish Energy Resource Technology was in the process of permanently plugging and abandoning the well when the leak started Sunday.

BP Lies (Again), This Time on Drilling “Mud”

The company and federal government responders expect to start pumping drilling mud well in order to close off and cement the hole permanently. But even though the oil is no longer spewing into the Gulf, this “mud” they’re planning to pump into