Rumson gas station resorts to hand pumps after Hurricane Sandy

RUMSON – In Monmouth County’s brave, new post-Hurricane Sandy world with the now-ubiquitous red, plastic gasoline containers to fill up in a most unique way. From around 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. since Friday, those who pump gas at this particular filling

How to choose a pump - buyer's guide

This style of pump will almost always offer a long flexible hose, pressure gauge and large chamber for generous air transfer. A floor pump (aka track pump) is an item any regular cyclist should own: Every keen cyclist should own a floor pump Hand pump (aka

Believers Church installs hand pumps in UP's 98 villages

Lucknow, May 20 (ANI-NewsVoir): As the country reels under the brunt of heat and water scarcity, Believers Church has decided to set up tube wells and hand pumps to reach out to mosquito nets, plastic sheets for making tents, hygiene supplies and

Watch: Gas pump keeps charging after nozzle is removed

There was no plastic bag and the pump was still malfunctioning. Reiner said he tested it out and began fueling one of the station's vehicles and it did the same thing with as McAllister claimed. Even with Reiner’s hand off the trigger and no fuel pumping

Pneumatic Hand Pump checks pressure/vacuum calibration.

The Series CHP Calibration Hand Pump is the most dependable and rugged pump for applications up to 100 psi or 28.8½ Hg Vacuum. The Durable Acetel plastic and anodized aluminum construction prevents body heat transfer, resulting in drift-free accurate

Not Even Scientific Studies Can Quench Underground Mystique

The Cook County Forest Preserve District maintains 586 hand-operated water pumps throughout its parks system to this water,`` said Jeanette Peters of Norridge, holding used, plastic milk containers under the spigot while her husband, Ben, pumped

Studio Swine’s Sea Chair is Made From Recycled Plastic Ocean Waste

The studio collects tiny plastic pellets with a low-tech device they created from refurbished agricultural machinery found at salvage yards. This device, dubbed ‘The Nurdler’ consists of a hand-powered water pump, a sluice that sorts plastic micro

Russell Hobbs 19720 Pump

Rather than having a front-loaded reservoir like most machines, the Russell Hobbs 19720 Pump’s reservoir pokes out of the back, behind a thin plastic pull-off cover you’ll need to have a kettle on hand to top up the level anyway to produce long

Green Living: You can recycle some plastic tubes in R.I.

as some hand lotion and toothpaste tubes are, it goes in the trash. If it’s all plastic inside, and is as clean as you can reasonably get it, you can recycle it. Keep the cap on: When it comes to caps (or any tops — lids, pumps, spray triggers