Visalia's 'uncapped well of death' filled

"Tunnel of death," "13th-Century dungeon," and "uncapped well of death" are all phrases used to describe an abandoned lot near north Demaree in Visalia. The area, once used for irrigation purposes the abandoned water pump. Lionvale enjoys outdoor

Irrigation goes high-tech with pump monitor

to control his TV, VCR, pool, sound system and air conditioning, the farmer asked if they could do the same for his nearby irrigation pumps a farm that way could save big money. Well pumps, which tap into deep aquifers, are generally in the middle

Deep water well to be installed at Enterprise High School

The Enterprise City Board of Education approved a contract for the construction of a deep a booster pump on the system recently failed, and a replacement part would have cost the school system $10,000. The construction of a well for irrigation would

Measure M Improvements Continue Across MCSD

It has deep science lab sinks for learning center activities, as well as a modified kitchenette area where art and science experiences can occur. The project also includes a new turf playfield area and irrigation improvements, a larger preschool

Sunrise Deep Well System Nearly Ready

SUNRISE — With less than three weeks remaining on a variance from the Broward County Environmental Quality Control Board, the city is ready to begin pumping sewage water into its multi-million-dollar deep well system for spray irrigation are

Private wells 'pumping air' as water tables drop

Well-drilling companies say they've been busy answering calls from people who need to lower submersible pumps. Some wells have gone dry ranging from reduced water pressure to "pumping air or sediment." The reports came mostly from south and

Rules for lake pumps change

“But many of those pumps are for vertical deep water wells submersible pumps to a proper irrigation pump in the future. “It’s a huge issue for all of my waterfront constituents,” Nonini said, adding he has a well on his waterfront property

Solar Pumps

These solar systems provide effective alternatives to drinking water and irrigation sources. The various submersible pumps are fitted to 4 and 5 in. diameter shallow or deep well while floating pumps deliver surface water from water holes, rivers or lakes

Manatee County, proceed with caution on deep injection well for wastewater, exhaust other options first

The idea of a deep injection well to pump a half billion gallons of contaminated water hundreds of feet below the region's irrigation and water supply is fraught with risk. Manatee County commissioners took a prudent step on Tuesday by demanding more

La Union ecology farm gets help from sun

The group cultivates more than 1,000 square meters of rice land, which depends largely on rainwater and water from a creek for irrigation having to use hand pumps, which directly unburdens women and children. Because [the deep well pump] is solar