U.S. gas prices stable, even with winter-weather strains

9 (UPI) --Severe winter weather put a strain on the U.S. energy grid, but low consumer demand for gasoline left the price at the pump stable than $60 per barrel, Iran's oil minister said Thursday. French energy company EDF to replace coal in China

Govt, citizens remain incurable optimists as new year ushers old, new challenges

pump prices may still continue to go up based on international oil market’s forecast. Francis Satunino Juan, one of the members of the transition committee at the Philippine Electricity Market Corp. (PEMC), said prices at the Wholesale Electricity Spot

Caltex's new acquisition could lead to more Gull pumps in NZ

Caltex Australia's move to buy a stake in a Filipino oil company, just months after its Stockdale said consolidation by fuel wholesalers was a trend that would continue as fuel companies improved economic scale and protected themselves from price

Oil companies reach settlement on 85-octane lawsuit

Jeff Harms, the vice president of Harms Oil, released a statement Monday saying the company was satisfied with the settlement. "We're eager to move forward — helping the industry understand the new fuel pump-labeling requirements and supporting

Refinery strike pushes up wholesale gasoline prices

But analysts questioned whether there would be longer-lasting consequences at the pump, where the Steelworkers union and oil companies over contract negotiations. Uncertainty in the markets over the strike helpedpush wholesale gasoline prices for

Kevin Hunt: West Hartford Company Pumps Too Much Oil: Does Customer Pay?

pay for it or pump it out of the tank. "If they say they want it for free," said Greene, "we tell them that's not possible." But when an oil company makes a mistake, the consumer usually gets the oil at a much lower rate. Sharkevich says he's reimbursed $3

Here's the reason gas prices in Russia are skyrocketing even as oil prices fall

Wholesale prices for fuel on the domestic some consumers view the oil companies as the villains. "People are kind of angry," said Alexei, a fuel pump worker from Vladimir region, in central Russia, who did not give his full name because he is not

Exxon to sell all of company’s gas stations

HOUSTON — Exxon Mobil Corp. said Thursday it’s getting out of the retail gasoline business, following other major oil companies while wholesale gasoline prices have risen sharply in recent months, they’ve been unable to raise pump prices fast

Florida Utility Solar Plans: We’ll Own It, You’ll Buy It

Against complaints of their dismantling efficiency programs, a laudable accomplishment for Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) is their recent plans more energy from solar than from coal and oil combined (FPL Ten Year Site Plan, p.