Hitachi Plant Technologies Wins Contract for 32 Pumps for Egypt's First Supercritical Thermal Power Plant

The El Ain El Sokhna Plant will have many seawater pumps, including circulating water pumps to supply cooling water 4 Barrel casing multistage diffuser pump: Multistage centrifugal pump designed for high temperature, high pressure, high-speed

Pump distributor broadens delivery capacity

water won’t move,” Cornelius explains. The range of Wilo and Salmson-branded pumps and pumping systems includes stainless steel vertical multistage pumps, borehole pumps and motors, centrifugal end-suction pumps, horizontal split-case pumps

Robust pump delivers water on dry days

“With a solar pumping system, there is a significant reduction of cost of ownership and customers are assured of many years of reliable water supply pumps, while medium-scale systems use multistage, centrifugal submersible pumps powered by high

Pump design and its effect on mine safety and efficiency

This can often come in the form of multi-stage, high pressure units, operating at around 100 bar, which are capable of maintaining the desired water levels. All pumps and their associated In heavy industries, such as mining, building something to

High-Pressure Pumps support large-scale chemical production.

Sundyne HMP models are integrally-geared multi-stage centrifugal pumps that and, high-speed multi-stage integrally geared compressors that meet API-617 standards for hydrocarbon and chemical processing, power generation, water management, and general

How Much Water Cooling Systems Can Be Downsized for Notebook PCs? Hitachi Answers

Hitachi Ltd. started manufacturing water cooling system modules for PCs and some other applications in January 2007. The company currently supplies its water cooling systems the pump boasts about double the pumping pressure of standard centrifugal

Tapping the oceans

Climate change, droughts, growing population and increasing industrial demand are straining the available supplies of fresh water called multi-stage flash, reduced this problem. In this, seawater is heated under high pressure and then passed through

The Stratosphere Tower

Looking out from atop the Stratosphere Tower, one sees the dazzling within the shaft in the core structure. The water supply system for the fire protection consists of two diesel fire pumps rated for 1,000 gpm with a high-pressure rating of 405 psi