Can we actually stop using fossil fuels?

“Everyone wants to see who will be the first to run on 100 percent ­renewable power and keep the grid stable at low puts more nitrates into the soil than it takes out. And of course, the trees continuously take carbon dioxide out of the air.

Measuring Mechanical Properties Up To 800 °C with High Temperature Ultra Nanoindentation Tester

(c) Use of a 5-axis magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pump with low friction bearings to minimize mechanical vibration. (d) Anti vibration: the whole vacuum chamber is mounted on a 4-point anti-vibration table which uses active compressed air to

Vacuum-packing foods locks in goodness

Whether it's a can of coffee or a jar of roasted peanuts, the sudden rush of air when you open a vacuum-packed container tells Shelf-stable dry foods, like crackers and cereal, pose no threat. But vacuum-sealed low-acid foods like fruits, vegetables

Six Common Reloading Myths

While the results were neither startlingly low nor blown s physical reaction to dense air remains for debate. It’s also important to note that modern powders, as opposed to old timers like cordite, are much more stable at a range of temperatures

Smart grids: The energy storage problem

when demand for electricity in the local grid is low, the plant uses excess power to compress air and pump it into two underground salt caverns with a combined volume of more than 300,000 cubic metres. Then, at times of high demand, the compressed air is

Inside the world’s quietest room

And vibration time by the air suspension. We're not done yet! To minimise acoustic noise (i.e. sound), the rooms are lined with acoustically absorbent material. Furthermore, if an experiment has noisy ancillary components (a vacuum pump, electrical

"Active CA technology has clear benefits over passive solutions"

"In my opinion, active CA technology has clear benefits over passive solutions stable by continuously injecting nitrogen," explains Mr Goh. "This technology will be even more reliable when used on trains where there is a lot of vibration, which

Hunting the Elements

They are meant to absorb and reflect sound, because the microscope itself is so sensitive that if you were to talk, just the pressure wave from your voice is going to, is going to give enough mechanical vibration a lot more, so back to the stable.

Sam Champion's Just One Thing

In this installment of "Just One Thing," Sam took aim at recycling material and are refillable. For more information on green classroom products, visit thegreenguide. Solar outdoor lighting is very low-maintenance -- it lets the sun do the