An apology for roads in ward 20

“Dust causes pollution along owing to consistent flow of vehicles Road said that the underground drainage system in the area was poor. R. Malliga said that storm water flooded their houses in monsoon. “Water mixed with sewage enters our houses

Poor drainage in slums and refugee camps can be lethal – we must do better

It’s time we gave drainage the same status. One solution is sustainable drainage, or SuDS, which mimics nature by encouraging the water to soak into the ground, then storing it and allowing it to slowly flow to groundwater, rivers or streams. On its way

Fatty problem building in the sewers of College Station

(KBTX)-The City of College Station continually warns residents to not pour their oil, grease, or fat down the drain. Oil isn't the only or clumps of non-flushable items mixed with fats, oils and greases, that flow through our sewer systems.

New Orleans flood fact check: Did drainage system work as intended? Why some pumps were inactive

Outfall canal pumps the flow of water in an event like Saturday's, they said. The cracked infrastructure below the city doesn’t hinder drainage and may, in fact, aid it in some cases. And upgrades, including the massive Southeast Louisiana Urban

Water agencies: Delta farmers may be taking water meant for other regions

But the quality varies based on the amount of fresh water moving through, the effect of tides, urban and farm runoff and other factors. And there is disagreement about what constitutes natural flow a system of drainage ditches and pumps for this

Protecting power plant water equipment during downtime

To protect power plant water treatment equipment from corrosion, recirculate from filter effluent to clarifier influent to keep the system moving and the pumps active. The flow will be determined chemical tanks and pumps. Mixed-bed systems can be

More talk to come with UDO

The UDO includes a section on subdivision and infrastructure standards; it lists information on utilities and drainage Urban Places group, led the recent UDO workshop presentation and said the vision calls for walkable neighborhoods, permitting mixed

Cork flood defences: Pulling together for design of Cork’s quays

It possesses an arrhythmical urban grain that conforms to neither This ‘Walls’ scheme is a drainage project designed to ensure that increased amounts of river water can flow from upstream and meet a rising tide without flooding the city, relying

It’s hard to love a mall. Brickell City Centre may be the exception.

Still to come is One Brickell City Centre, an 80-story mixed-use tower that would pump much-needed vitality into a formerly scrappy neighborhood. As its name implies, Brickell City Centre is an attempt to create an urban nexus in a place that

Result of govt negligence, inaction

Urban of flood flow zones. But most of them are gone, thanks to years of negligence and inaction of various government bodies concerned. As a result, even if there is 50 to 60 millimetres of rain in a day, the Dhaka Wasa pumps cannot drain out the