Freezing pipes a concern for some mini homes on P.E.I.

He said increasing the heat in the mini home and diverting that heat to the home's mechanical room can help keep water flowing through the pipes. "Open the mechanical room where your pressure tank and your hot water heater is and make sure you pump the

Cortez, CO, Fire Protection District Puts Mini Pumper in Service

The Cortez, CO, Fire Protection District has placed in service a mini pumper built by It has a 400-gallon water tank with a 10-gallon foam cell, a C.E.T. Mfg. PFP25hp DSL- MR fire pump powered by a Kubota engine with a direct connect to the main

Case study: Graton Casino and Resort

2. Loads include: a. Select central plant equipment. b. Boilers and water heaters along with associated pumps. c. Booster pumps. d. Air handler units. e. Information technology cold room. f. Surveillance cold room. g. Telecommunication rooms. h.

How to stay safe and healthy in winter's cold

The kit should include: cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries; blankets; food and water; booster cables, flares, tire pump, and a bag of sand or Run the engine and heater only 10 minutes every hour. Keep a downwind window open.

New water heater rules coming; expect more expensive units, tighter fits

Water heater manufacturers are responding with energy-saving additions like advanced electronics, more insulation and heat pumps, which means new units Scott Walter, president of Omaha/Council Bluffs Plumbing, estimated he sees about as many water

What's the Best Way to Speed Up Hot Water?

What can I do to reduce the time it takes to get hot water flowing? The best way to speed up hot water to the tap is through the use of a booster heater of use water heater for sale at Amazon. Install a hot water recirculating pump.

Flooded school buses, boilers among Quincy's storm loses

Walker said the icy flood short-circuited the transformer going into the school, causing the sump pumps to fail and about 15 mini-buses were disabled by the storm, Walker said. They took damage from floodwater and from water being blown around by

Heating (Or Cooling) Costs Too High? Heat Pump Technology Has the Answer

ductless mini splits, air source heat pumps, heat pump hot water heaters, and geothermal/ground source heat pumps. For questions regarding Smart-E Loans, email smarte@ctgreenbank or call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873). Tommy Hyatt says the heating and

There are some challenges living on well water

I live where we have city sewer and well water. I have a deep well pump that reliably fills my water tank with Would it be helpful for us to get a pressure booster system upstream of the water softener? Are there any particular features or problems

Electric infloor heating vs. forced air heating systems

For just slightly more initial cost, install a heat pump model. This can also be used to heat the rooms during mild spring and fall weather. Although it is most often used for concrete and tile flooring, electric radiant infloor heating can also be used