vertical centrifugal slurry pump

Professional heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump manufacturer . high quality heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps, vertical slurry pumps, replacement pump parts,. The vertical pump program offers the newest and widest range of rubber lined and hard metal

Self-Priming Thermoplastic Pumps are magnetically driven.

This new VANTON line of heavy duty self-priming, magnetically driven horizontal end suction centrifugal to their chemical inertness, the thermoplastics also offer superior abrasion resistance. These are not plastic-lined metal pumps.

Guide of Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Industries

Textile Industry (1) Production of multifunctional textiles of lightweight, high-intensity, thermostability, cold-endurance, chemical-resistance and changed phenol aldehyde plunger, non-metal liquid pressure mother pump and so on) (14) Manufacturing

Why You Should Pump Slurries with a Peristaltic Pump

Hose pumps can circulate slurry SGs of 1.6 to 1.8 or up to 80% solid content. The traditional centrifugal on a peristaltic pump, only the rubber hose is in contact with the pumped liquid and as the ultimate rubber lined pump, service life is measured

Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA): on climate change, makes wrong even wronger

Sadly, I am not surprised when I hear a Republican congressman make some sort of grotesquely antiscience statement. It’s all too common now, and seems hardly worth noting except to throw it on the ever-growing pile of political distortions of reality the

Top 5 Vendors in the Global Pumps Market for Oil and Gas Industry from 2016-2020: Technavio

The global crude production increased significantly due to the emergence of innovations such as horizontal drilling company offers products such as valves, pumps, and seals for various industries, including chemical, power generation, oil and gas

'Coming to your living room!' Karlie Kloss lands her own six-part talk show which will see her chat about movies with her A-list pals

Not only is she on top of the modeling world, but she's eager to conquer our televisions as well, all while wearing horizontal stripes Burkely Duffield and magician Joel Ward. Other stars lined up for appearances over the series include Orange Is

Tips To Keep Your Home

Filters are usually found in the return-air ductwork near the furnace or in the metal furnace cabinet. On a heat pump, the filter will be in the same location, but sometimes there will be a horizontal stations and perimeter chemical treatments also