Scroll Pump is designed for dry vacuum pumping applications.

Its small size, low noise and seizing or sudden vacuum loss inherent to rotary vane or diaphragm pumps. The IDP-3 measures 14 x 7 x 6 inches (356 x 178 x 152 mm), yet delivers a robust pumping speed of 60 L/m and a very low base pressure of less

Edwards’ GXS Dry Vacuum Pumps Bring Performance, Environmental and Economic Benefits to Coffee Production

CRAWLEY, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Edwards Group Limited (NASDAQ: EVAC), a leading manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum of the pumps and the excellent service provided by our local distributor. Other factors were the compact footprint, low noise

VSD blowers provide driving force in fuel-saving technology for ocean-going vessels

Variable Speed Driven (VSD) oil-free rotary screw compressed air and vacuum users. Our product portfolio covers oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, centrifugal compressors, high-pressure compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers

Metallized Carbon Corporation Announces Availability of Custom Vanes, Rotors, and End Plates for Rotary Pumps

Metallized Carbon supplies the carbon-graphite vanes, rotor, and end plates to rotary pump and compressor manufacture and rebuilders. The materials are chemically resistant and are compatible with FDA food and beverage regulations. They have a low wear

Fire Pump Priming Basics - Part 1

Once the fire pump is flooded (primed) and then discharging water, it creates its own vacuum at the impeller eye to carry on this low-pressure area for continuous Next time, in "Fire Pump Priming Basics - Part 2," we will review troubleshooting common

Trying to build a better breast pump

They tinkered with old pumps of the vacuum technology used by current pumps. A hands-free compression bra used small bladders that fill up to massage and compress the breast, drawing the milk out. Another used technology similar to blood pressure

Measuring Mechanical Properties Up To 800 °C with High Temperature Ultra Nanoindentation Tester

The main disadvantage of vacuum operation is that the working of the valves and pumps will of vibrational noise. Figure 2. The UNHT 3 HTV measuring head. The UNHT 3 HTV measuring head, shown in Figure 2, is maintained at low temperature with the

Energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to centralization of vacuum supply

At that time five packaging lines, each with one thermoforming machine, were each equipped with a rotary vane vacuum pump the low room temperature required for hygienic reasons by increasing the output of the air conditioning system. The noise