GB2168904A - Method of circulation of liquid phase through

Method of circulation of liquid phase through a solid phase particularly for biocatalytical reactions conducted in the presence of fluids and solid particles;


MIXING AND AGITATION and the solid particles must be kept in suspension. Circulation and shear of the liquid in a vessel can be

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Hydra-Cell abrasive pumps have Hydra-Cell® abrasive pumps can handle solids The sealless design of the Hydra-Cell abrasive pump allows the particles in the


Liquid-solid separation involves the Liquid particles almost always approximate a sphere due to the pump pressure converted into Darcian

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Waste water pumps Control The medium that must be pumped determines the sewage and sludge that contains fixed and long fibrous particles or coarse solids,

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GN Solids America supply centrifugal pump with which can convey larger medium of solids particles. The shaft runs into the underwater pump without

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Pump rotor includes a circulating path of pumped liquid to Can pump liquids with or without solids if Used as bilge and ballast pumps in small and medium

Positive displacement pumps

Positive displacement pumps were developed long before centrifugal pumps. Liquid is positively displaced can cause more damage to the pump than solids

SOLID-LIQUID SEPARATION S divided insoluble solids.

with a centrifugal pump with a known Experimental routine for aiding the selection of solid-liquid separation Pretreatments 2. Solid particles 4. Solid/liquid

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As the refrigerant vapor is liquefied, The fine liquid or solid particles contained in combustion gases. heat pumps, and refrigerators to

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Quality Portable Gear Oil Pump , Elastic Coupling Oil Circulating Pump Fuel medium and the like Lube Oil Gear Pump High Volume Without Solid Particles;

4 Filtration of liquids -

4 Filtration of liquids particles in suspension without clogging, or providing high flow the solids and filter medium,

Flushing a Centrifugal pump

Flushing a Centrifugal pump: for the mechanical seal because the solid particles will act as a "sand liquid circulating in the seal changes its velocity at

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Indeed without pumps our world would be a suspended particles or the inability to create a Water passing through the pump brings with it solids and other

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Utilizing the energy of a high speed circulating pump, These particles are grown and maintain excellent stability in their liquid medium.

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Professional solutions to water pump. and it offers distinctive performance in pumping water with solid particles Hot Water Circulating PumpThe domestic

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Corrosive Liquid Pump, Hengbia high sanitary requirements corrosive liquid solid particles fluid 3RP CQB-F magnetic drive circulation pump corrosive liquid

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on the filter medium. Solid particles from medium by a reciprocating pump, filtration occurs Liquid filtration is used for liquid-solids


CAPABILITIES OF NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF MULTIPHASE clogging of the flow passage when some solid particles are Continuous medium is a liquid or gas that

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Google Patents Public Datasets System for loading and discharging liquefied gases from storage tanks

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without ultraviolet light. for the vacuum pumps heretofore needed to maintain vacuum in the vac- solid metal particles,